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Eric Sorenson’s DIY car is one amazing recycled masterpiece

eric sorenson recycled car

Exquisite artwork, extraordinary structures, stunning jewelry and beautiful clothes are a few creations that we have already seen being recreated using recycled material. But Eric Sorenson has taken ingenuity and creativity too far. He has thrown new life into old discarded parts and built a car. A 1929 Ford Model A’s chassis and body that appeared much like a rusted hulk to most, captivated Sorenson’s eye and he saw it as a perfect framework for his creation.

eric sorenson recycled car 2

The 64-year-old incorporated a 1970s eight-cylinder Chevrolet 350 engine that propels the car to nearly 65 to 70 mph. The 8- or 9-gallon gas tank came from an airplane, while the helicopter seats offer great comfort. A 1936 Ford gives the front axle and headlights. A 1921 kerosene lamp on the rear and a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo sun roof give it an usual look. Giving the freedom to conveniently turn on the curves is the 1935 Ford Banjo model’s steering wheel that comes with a brodie knob.

eric sorenson recycled car 3

Turn lights from a motorcycle, a wolf whistle horn and a 40 to 50 year old carburetor pay their part exceptionally well. Not only has the ingenious head beautifully used recycled parts, but also where ever essential has created a few himself. He has created the inside door panels by cutting a advertising sign, bracket for the alternator is made from a bed frame and the windshield is handmade too. Sorenson showed off the car, which is licensed and legal, in Parkville on May 11, 2010.

eric sorenson recycled car 4

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