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Enticing lamp made from old plastic bottle and spoons

bottle and spoon lamp 1

Stunning works of recycled art are putting many contemporary artworks to shame. Brining one such extraordinary creation is a Russian designer, who has designed a unique lamp from what you would consider as waste. His creation is a beautiful ensemble of an old plastic bottle, few disposable plastic spoons and CFL lamp. In just less than $2, you too could build an amazing piece of art to light up your dwelling.

bottle and spoon lamp 2

bottle and spoon lamp 3

bottle and spoon lamp 4

bottle and spoon lamp 5

Via: PlanetaGadget

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  • me

    please explain how did u do that

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  • maskantje

    how did u do that..step by step…what me do…? what a mongoloooid..! homo,cunt!

  • http://www.facebook.com/naina.evi Naina Evi

    can you explain to me how did u do that steps

  • http://tomber-enceinte-rapidement.blogspot.com/ tomber enceinte rapidement

    Great ! now we will contribute in the protection of the nature, i also sow a similar trick on an arabic Yahoo website

  • shambs

    so very nice n elegant looking, just love da fact dat u did it in household items.

  • http://www.facebook.com/muhammedfaheemk Faheem Fahuz

    can you show me this step by step………its wonderfull

  • Bloom

    I love it

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