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Elegant Fashion: Stylish dresses handcrafted from recycled materials

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If you thought recycled fashion meant sacrificing comfort, style or sophistication, then think again. Rachel Wright brings one-of-a-kind garments that are not only classy, but also fashionable. Her collection consists of dresses that are made from recycled materials. Not only is each garment a high-end fashion pieces, but also an example of wearable art.

The designer

Making recycling, repurposing and renewing her mantra, Rachel Wright came up with this stunning line of clothing. She chooses high quality garments and then adds her own layer of embellishment onto them, either through applique or screen-printing.

The material

These stunning attires are fashioned out of recycled bed sheets, men’s dress shirts, drape-y rayon jersey, silk skirt, white leather gloves, polyethylene foam, thin packing foam, recycled sari, a recycled girdle and old t-shirt jersey. All of them are handmade, saving the environment from the unsafe machine manufacturing.

The creation

This chic, elegant and contemporary ensemble is hand-embellished by Rachel Wright using recycled materials. The collection includes the “Serpent Circle Dress 100 percent Recycled fabric”, an off the shoulder bodice flares into a full circle asymmetrical skirt, lined with intertwined serpents, the “Maori Mini Dress Handsewn Applique EcoFashion”, a handcrafted, traditional Maori facial tattoos inspired skirt and the “Moonscape Moon/cape inspired by Nasa”, a garment worn as a cape, on or off the shoulder, and as a skirt. The “Feather Side Cowl Dress”, “Hand Sewn Wide Belt Slash Darts Braiding”, “Blood Countess Art Dress Recycled Leather Gloves”, the “Mushroom Art Dress”, the “Sacrum Art Dress”, the “Scapular Art Dress” and the “Radiolarian Slash Dress” are the other eco-friendly dresses gracing the collection.

The aesthetic

Looking at this creatively designed ensemble, it is hard to believe that they are all made from recycled materials. This aesthetically-appealing line of clothing features intricate work that is detailed to perfection. Each garment does it best to make a decent contribution to Mother Nature. Giving new life to old materials, these exquisite dresses help in diverted waste materials from landfills. They are just perfect to adorn a lady’s curves.

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