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Eco homes to be focus – a new study

[box_dark]Eco Friendly Homes Merged As Centre Of Recent Study[/box_dark]

Two Houses ahs come up as a focus of study to ascertain if their green features can actually make differences. “Sanctuary Green Technology” is now working as a group with “Oxford Brookes University” after winning Government grant of £50,000. According to a recent report, researchers will determine the performance of energy-efficient features of two houses at re-constructed Bryan House located in “Chapel Street” for six months. In addition to this, residents can also give their feedback after using eco-friendly features. If this technology will sound lucrative, then researchers can consider modifying the way other properties are constructed in UK.

New properties will be designed as three or four-bedroom house as per level-4 code that belongs to sustainable homes. These homes will be integrated with triple glazing, air-source heat pumps, solar panels and proper insulation. According to the chief of “Community Investment and Sustainability for Housing Association Sanctuary Group”, Sophie Atkinson, this group is taking its environmental responsibility seriously and thus, dedicate itself to improve the condition of housing stock that can help you minimize carbon emissions.  Moreover, this project brings in an opportunity to identify most effectual energy saving technologies that can be exploited for new developments. In addition to this, eco-friendly homes can help you deliver improvements for homes all over the country.

[box_dark]How can New Eco-Friendly Homes benefit Homeowners? [/box_dark]

This new project has outlined eco-friendly homes that proffer manifold benefits to homeowners. Moreover, it also highlights effort of government towards the promotion of sustainable homes. Procuring an eco-friendly home is worth investing for homeowners willing to have long-term benefits that include better re-sale value, a healthy living environment, reduced electricity costs and pleasure that leave a small footprint on earth. To be more precise, government will make it compulsory to incorporate eco-friendly features in all the new houses.

Most lucrative benefit of green homes is that it will ensure a healthy living. According to a recent study conducted by “RCLCO and Green TV”, one can have sufficient reasons for investing in Eco Homes but most important among them is its green environment and perfect orientation. According to a recent study, more than 42% of total population prefer an Eco-Friendly Home whereas 17% are motivated by energy-saving feature and 12% are impressed by it environmental benefits. Green Homes offer luxury and standard living without harming environment.

With green environment, your new eco-home can propose many energy efficient and ecological methods like solar, geothermal and wind power.  This is probably the best way of confronting to changes in weather conditions. Some more advantages of green home include proper insulation, solar water heating, recycling of water used in washing machine and for garden use. In addition to this, Eco-Homes are integrated with high performance timber-framed windows that exploit solar gain. Green Home has full-house mechanism for heat recovery together with ventilation systems. Some more benefits include cellulose roof insulation and energy-efficient light fittings.

[box_dark]What is “Code for Sustainable Homes”? [/box_dark]

Construction industry is now looking forward to sustainable homes motivated by congested lifestyle, increase in energy costs, building regulation and awareness of consumer for environment. Developers are also feeling an urgent need to think upon sustainable designs of new homes. To make an allowance for climatic changes, “Code for Sustainable Homes” was released on 13th December 2006. Leading purpose behind the launch of this code was to cover up diverse aspects of eco-friendly designs as well as construction of homes under national standard that was made public on April 2007. This code measures sustainability of new homes under one category by rating ‘Full-House’ as complete package. “Code of Sustainability” enables developers check out the sustainability of home, distinguish it from other competitors and drive the attention towards their Eco Homes.

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