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Seven eco friendly tables made using old suitcases

Old suitcase eco friendly tables

Tables can be of all sorts, but if you are a fan of that classic vintage look and want to go ‘green’, here’s the perfect solution for you- suitcase tables! It may sound weird, but given a good design and the right finish, those now-useless old suitcases found in your attic, or in thrift shops may undergo a complete makeover and become your favorite pieces of furniture! A bit of paint, a primer, screws and sturdy legs… that’s all it takes to breathe new life into old luggage. Here are seven eco friendly tables made using old suitcases which give that lovely, cozy ‘old-world’ feeling to one:

1) Entry table with a base of vintage suitcases

Entry table

Do you not have any idea what to do with that whole collection of classic vintage suitcases that you no longer use? Here’s how some stowed-away suitcases were transformed into a useful and ultra-classy entry table. A well-balanced stack of 10 vintage suitcases form the supporting base to a rectangular wooden table top. The earthen colors of the vintage suitcases totally add to the ‘earthy’ feeling of the entry table. Adorned with lamps and mirrors on top, you have a perfect eco friendly entrance table that can be a dream for one.

2) Antique side table

Side table

Are you fond of antique furniture? This beautiful antique side table is just for you then. The base of a director’s chair is varnished and topped with a perfectly matching black and rust vintage suitcase. The perfect blend of black and rust of the vintage luggage piece and the brown-bronze sheen of the director’s table base gives this piece of antique furniture a very classy look. Combine this with rustic decorations and books, and you have the perfect ‘topping’ for this side table.

3) White suitcase nightstand

White suitcase nightstand

This one is a truly romantic piece of furniture. This pearly-white nightstand consists of a vintage suitcase placed on top of a classic ‘Arabian-night’ shaped table. This delicate looking piece of furniture is actually pretty sturdy and stable because of the solid table top which acts as a base for the suitcase. So add a white incandescent candle, a white flower in a glass vase and maybe a white lamp, and you have heaven right here on earth.

4) Mobile suitcase table

Mobile suitcase table

Tired of moving around heavy pieces of furniture in your house? Well, here’s a table which is easily pushed around and is eco friendly too. A hard-sided vintage suitcase is used to make this. But, unlike most other suitcase tables, this one differs in having an unusual base. The supporting legs here are casters, i.e., wheels. So, a tug and a pull, and your table is placed wherever you want. Now, this is one sensible and practical piece of furniture.

5) Hand-painted vintage suitcase table

Hand-painted vintage suitcase table

This suitcase table does remind you of the Victorian era a little. With the hand-painted pink roses and checks pattern of the colors of pearl blue and ivory, the dull gold lined hardshell suitcase table promises to lend a Victorian aroma to any surroundings that it may adorn. A white and purple net bow on the suitcase handle adds its femininity. The item is sealed for protection. It is exclusively an item for those who love everything vintage and romantic.

6) Unique pile up suitcase table design

Unique pile up suitcase table design

A set of vintage suitcases sure can make a beautiful table. This sturdy pile up suitcase table is made up of a set of four gleaming brown leather suitcases. With the largest suitcase serving as the base and the size of the suitcases decreasing in succession as they go towards the top, the table is also pretty stable and tough. This is something more than a beautiful side table to make your bedroom look more homely and cozy.

7) Tall suitcase table

Tall suitcase table

Are the big cushy sofas hiding your delicate drawing-room side table? A tall suitcase table may be the perfect solution to this. This is a vintage suitcase made up of an ivory and olive green pattern with long spindly legs. Long wooden legs are neatly screwed to the base of the suitcase and painted olive green- a good contrast and a fine piece representing the vintage look.

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