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Eco-friendly practices at tourist spots sought by governments

Promotion of eco tourism by government

There are various destinations across the world, which are renowned for its scenic beauty and various other features. Eco tourism has become one of the greatest opportunities for the visitors from all across the world to know about the eco friendly measures and methods, which are taken into use. With help from eco tourism, travelers are able to experience serenity and beauty all at one place. Places like India, Kenya, and Seoul along with various other renowned places are promoting eco tourism for the betterment of their country. Governments of various countries are promoting eco friendly spots so that visitors are able to experience the best of nature. Various initiatives are being promoted by the governments for making some of the renowned tourist spots eco friendly.

The methods, which are being, adopted the government agencies are for saving the environment from the pollution and harmful chemicals present in the environment. Talking to the press reporters, government of various countries have stated that, they are taking use of the best and high-tech technology along with experienced personals for initiating various eco friendly techniques that are best for tourism. Along with this, spokespersons from different government agencies stated that, the practices, which are being adopted, are in such a manner in which tourists will have a direct experience with nature.

Practices, which are being adopted by the government

Government has taken several measures for promoting eco tourism. Some of the practices are mentioned below.

Conservation: Conserving energy is one of the major practices that are being adopted by the government at tourist spots. The process of energy conservation is done directly at the tourist spots so that visitors from all across the world are able to understand the importance of energy conservation.

Water harvesting: The process of water harvesting is one of the best tourist activities that are being initiated by the government agencies. The complete process about how water can be conserved with different easy methods is being told to the tourists so that they are able to know and understand them in a better manner.

Improvement of flora and fauna: Government has also taken up the practice of improving flora and fauna at the tourist spots all across the world so that eco tourism can have a new face.

Final Verdict of the practice

The experts on environment have stated the practice that is being done by the government is one of the best for promoting eco tourism.


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