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Five eco friendly flooring options for green homes

Eco friendly flooring

Renewing and reusing materials to make all new floors is an excellent thought to lessen the burden on our depleting resources. Aesthetically pleasing and easy on the pocket, eco friendly floors are the choice of the future and a must do to conserve the environment. They come in all colors, patterns, and finishes to match up with both simple and lush homes. Look for those made with ethical manufacturing processes and churned out by companies recognizing labor rights. You can easily get a hand on such floors in the market or online. There are also numerous specialized retailers and websites providing eco friendly floors and other construction material.

1. Humble bamboo floors

Bamboo floors

A popular material in the oriental nations, the benefits of using this product as a building material is being realized the world over. Buy a thermo and mechanically treated variety that is hard and sturdy. It is most commonly available in the form of bamboo parquets. Typical hue is its natural color but you can also get your hands on some other darker tints up for grabs. Also, it is resistant to rotting. A number of finishes in bamboo floors exist like lacquered, oiled, waxed, bleached, and brushed to go with all types of homes from rustic, contemporary to modern. This fast growing grass that matures for use only after growing a couple of years can also be recycled easily.

2. Recycled tiles for an eclectic seem

Recycled tiles

Stone, glass, ceramic and other tiles can be recycled and reused in new homes again. The variety of sizes, shapes, colors and patterns available are simply mesmerizing. Recycled stone tiles can be heated very easily. They can be made to look both down to earth or grand depending upon their cut and fishing. They are great for rustic or country homes. Even metal tiles made from brass and aluminum are recycled to synthesize new glossy, vibrated or sandblasted tiles. Some of these tiles have a slightly worn out look that suits kitchen and bathroom floors. Most recycled tiles are extremely durable and last for years. They are also easy to clean and scratch as well as fire resistant.

3. Linoleum for an easygoing feel

Linoleum floors

Emerging from the 19 century, in England, this flooring is made by applying a mixture of linseed oil, grounded cork, wooden sawdust, natural resins, and limestone over a base of jute. All materials are earthy, natural and renewable producing floors with a warm look. Linoleum is biodegradable and non toxic, practically a need of the hour. They are inexpensive and very durable, even resistant to corrosion’s and fires. Also, they are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antistatic – i.e. fends off dust and dirt. This makes it an ideal choice for your kids bedrooms, playrooms, and work out zones indoors. It can even withstand scraping and grating when furniture or any other type of equipment is moved along the ground surface. So, if you have kids in your home, this is a handy floor to have. Myraid of colors, patterns make it a good choice and there are a number of styles with borders also.

4. Cork for an ashen and dimmed effect

Cork flooring

A very durable material that is easy to lay out on floors, you only need glue and nails to affix it. It has a soft look that goes with unfussy and simple homes. Absolutely no VOC finishes or urea formaldehyde adhesives are added on to make these floors. Sometimes, it can be made to look like wooden floors also. It is available in a multitude of colors and patterns to match with different furnishing styles. It is obtained from the bark of a tree called cork oak. There is another big plus with cork; it can absorb noise in your surroundings. By using cork floors, you will be contributing to energy conservation also as it is a thermo insulator – meaning lesser energy will be required to heat and cool the room. Natural Cork, Wicanders, NovaCork are some reputed brands.

5. Earthy reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood

Keeping in mind the dwindling forest resources, use reclaimed wood to do up your floor and save another tree from being chopped down. It is a lot cheaper than all new wooden floors, but still looks reasonably pleasant. If you want a lustrous veneer, just shell out a few more bucks on refinishing the flooring. It is great for creating an old world charm and cozy feel due to its natural antique appearance. It goes best in country homes, cottages, vintage or eclectic interiors.

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