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ECO currency links economic ecology with environmental ecology

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Imagine if being affluent was not compared by mere economical stability, but also by environmental stability. What if we had an alternative monetary currency for environmental value too? Would our plants, trees, animals, and other organic material still be under threat of destruction? The answer is “No”. In order to bring an environmental stability, designers of the Next Nature Lab are investigating ways to link economy with environment.

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The ECO currency project is the hypothesis that an important factor in the ongoing environmental crisis is the disconnection between the economical ecology and the environmental ecology. The aim of the ECO currency is to make environmental value open in economical terms. The idea is to provide those who contribute to a better environment with ECO’s from a global fund, which is financed via a micro bank tax on global financial transactions. With this kind of system, addressing environmental issues by linking the economic and environmental spheres could become lot more simpler.

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Via: NextNature

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