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Dassault Systèmes dreams of a better world through its IF WE Challenge

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Founded in 1981, 3D EXPERIENCE Company Dassault Systèmes has been providing businesses and people with a virtual rendition of what their real life “what if” scenarios. The feasibility of these sustainable innovations is seen through these virtual universes that allow clients to visualize how they can change the fate of their company, their customers and the planet. Using the example of Georges Mougin who imagined the use of icebergs to provide people with freshwater, the company highlights the power of 3D EXPERIENCE and how virtual solutions can help make these dreams come true.

Sponsored post: Dassault Systèmes dreams of a better world through its IF WE Challenge

The company recently launched a social media campaign called the IF WE Challenge that asked members of the general public to come up with hypothetical solutions to real world problems. The entries for the challenge were collected through Facebook, 3ds.com and their associated blogs and third-party blogs. People participating in the campaign through Twitter were asked to express their views in 140 characters or less. The challenge saw over 550 unique contributions out of which 85 fit the criterion set by the experts at Dassault Systèmes perfectly. Out of these 85 outstanding entries, three were chosen as lucky winners.


Canadian Geoffrey Cooper imagined a scenario where a rolling tree planting robot could boost reforestation efforts. Mexican participant Ismael Moreno Cendejas imagined a world where exoskeletons could help the differently abled maximize their potential while Serbian Andjelic Zoran thought of a world where 3D printers could help create custom-fitted prosthetic limbs that could help victims of landmines. All three winners would be rewarded with prizes that are valued at up to $15,000.


The company also shortlisted 10 outstanding ideas from the challenge and compiled a video to showcase them to the world. The company aims at being able to use the ideas presented by the three lucky winners and turn them into full fledged projects that could help change the world for the better.


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