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Five most creative gingerbread houses

One can make cookies, cake, house and castles (miniatures) or any other shape they can imagine using gingerbread. In U.S., there is a popular trend of making gingerbread cookies and houses, especially during Christmas season. Even in schools, children are taught to make different characters and houses using gingerbread as a recreational activity. Here we have brought for you the five most creative gingerbread houses:

Santa’s German Gingerbread Village

This one is a miniature of a complete village made of Gingerbread as obvious from its name. Santa’s German Gingerbread Village is a masterpiece made by Chef Ralf Bauer and his staff. This village measures 14.5 feet in height and 24 feet in width, for it is made up of 120 gallons of icing, 20 pounds of white and 60 pounds of dark chocolate each along with 30 sheet of gingerbread. The craftsman took over 250 hours to complete this replica of a German village. It has been put on display at the Sheraton Princess Ka’iulani Hotel in Waikiki. Chef Ralf Bauer and his staff drew inspiration from the idea of making something very unusual and special this Christmas.

Gingerbread Smithsonian Castle

The reckoned pastry chef Mr. Charles Froke has crafted out the entire Smithsonian Castle out of 100 pounds of gingerbread along with 50 pounds of icing. It took almost 100 hours for the artisans to create this magnificent replica. The small tress around the castle are made up of chocolate while the windows of sugar. Apart from this, Froke has to his credit marvelous gingerbread versions of popular architectures including White House, National Cathedral and Capitol Building. The enthusiasts will be able to see this masterpiece as it is on display till early January, 2012.

Gingerbread Castle

This was the winner in the 2010 Gingerbread House Contest. This Gingerbread House is made up of candy mosaics and candy fairies each one handmade. Made by Sharon F, Toomsboro, GA, it consists of 11 batches of gingerbread, 20 batches of icing along with several pounds of cookies and candies. The best part about this Gingerbread castle is that it is completely edible. It is beautifully decorated as if it’s a Christmas Eve. Once you look it, you get tempted to eat it but can’t as you will not even like to touch it, for it may get spoiled.

Justin Paik gingerbread house

The fourth entry in our list is the one which won the most realistic category in the coveted “Home for Little Wanderers” competition. This competition was held at S. Huntington Avenue complex. Named as “Home Sweet Home”, this one was decorated so aesthetically and beautifully, that it won the hearts of many in this competition. The team that made this beautiful gingerbread house were personalities including WCVB-TV’s Bianca de la Garza; NECN-TV’s Tonya Mezrich along with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Chef Nelson Paz. The team also comprised of lesser known Paik; Joshua Pires and Dana Williams. To experience the beauty and craft of this gingerbread, one must visit JP Seafood Café and Station 8 salon.

Traditional German gingerbread house

This gingerbread is a little ancient one, dating way back to 1994-1995. It is a replica of Chateau Frontenac, the grand hotel in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. This was created by the famous chef at the same hotel named, Jean Soulard along with Josée Martineau and Yvan Caron. The motive of creating this beautiful masterpiece was to participate in an exhibit in Germany on the occasion of Christmas.

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