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Contemporary style bamboo huts gather appreciation in Tumbe

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Some huts in Tumbe, Sri Lanka have become a source of attraction these days. Now, you will say a hut is a hut, what is so unusual about them? Well, what makes them stand out is their innovative and modern design with an eco-friendly aspect, an added bonus. Built as temporary shelters, these huts look almost like contemporary cottages. The green huts provide a roof to the workers of the vented dam in Tumbe, who have hailed from Andhra Pradesh.

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The eco-friendly huts are constructed using bamboo and woven bamboo sheets. Instead of staying looking for rented accommodations, the workers choose to build green dwelling for themselves. Just by using some pieces of bamboo, rope, iron rods and some sheets of woven bamboo, the workers erected the eco-huts that cost nearly Rs 4,000-Rs 5,000 each.

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Accommodating two people, the huts have two rooms along with a kitchen. If protected from rain, these temporary shelters could last for about three years. Some huts have already been constructed and nearly 20 are in process. The ongoing construction work has been so interesting that many locals can be seen visiting to check them out.

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