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‘Capture the Rain’ skyscraper to meet water requirements of its inhabitants

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Ryszard Rychlicki and Agnieszka Nowak, architectural students at H3AR, came up with the idea of a sustainable skyscraper for the 2010 Skyscraper Competition. Dubbed the “Capture the Rain,” the skyscraper received a special mention at the competition and harvests rainwater to meet with the daily water needs of its residents. The structure has an innovative roof to capture the maximum amount of rainwater. Water reservoirs located just below the roof’s surface in the form of a large funnel and reed fields serve as a hydro botanic water treatment unit, which processes water into usable water that is further transmitted to apartments.

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The external shell of building incorporates a system of gutters to capture rainfall flowing down the building, which is transmitted to floors, and its surplus is stored in a reservoir under the building. The captured and then processed water can be used used for flushing toilets, feeding washing machines, watering plants, cleaning floors and other domestic applications.

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Via: Designboom/TheDesignBlog

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