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Byfusion machine converts plastic into sustainable bricks

peter lewis byfusion machine

We have already seen many interesting uses of recycled plastic, but none so brilliant. Peter Lewis transforms waste plastic into bricks that can potentially be used for building garden retaining walls, landscaping walls and shelters for hurricane and tsunami struck areas in the Pacific Islands. This ingenious inventor has developed a machine called Byfusion, which can turn anything from drink bottles to meat packaging into blocks.

His 8-year-old prototype at the Green Island landfill requires 10kg of plastic to form a one brick. But, now the components of his machine have started breaking down, so he wishes to build a new machine. The new machine would cost $350,000 and he is looking for Dunedin businesses to invest in his pioneering project. The production version of the Byfusion machine will be capable of producing 250 blocks daily. The machine has already generated interest from prospective national and international buyers and is expected to prove to be multimillion-dollar earner for Dunedin.

Via: Otago Daily Times

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