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How to build a Greenhouse in less than $ 50


The greenhouse has always been an intriguing subject for the children and now it has started to lure the adults too with its incredible utility, especially in a world of stupendous global warming. The making of a greenhouse demands specific requirements which can cost dearly to you, but here we are going to discuss about the technique of building a greenhouse in less than $50.

The greenhouse traps the incoming radiations and do not allow them to flow away because of the opaqueness of the glass to longer radiations. This helps in controlling the conditions inside the room and maintains an optimum temperature.

Difficulty level

The making of a small greenhouse is very easy if you have the basic materials available with you. Even if you are a first timer, just read the article and follow the instructions and built your own greenhouse. The greenhouse of less than $50 can be the cheapest utility house you can ever build, don’t you think so?

Time required

The time required to complete this project is about (2-3) hours. The wood chunks have to be cut into suitable pieces, the cover has to be properly shaded, pipes must be bent properly, soil bed is to be layered upon the top soil, so 3 hours is nice and cool to afford.

Resources required

1. Joint pipes: The pipes may be made of PVC which can be used to structure the semi-circular portion of the greenhouse.

2. Rectangular wood pieces: the wood pieces cut into suitable shapes are pretty important because the pipes are joined with the wood to create the fundamental structure.

3. Screws and bolts: the joining of the several parts can be easily done if screws are used instead of gum, or anything else.

4. Glue: Glue can be used additionally to provide the structure with more resistance.

5. Saw: Saw is needed to shape the wooden structure into perfect cuttings and the hoop house totally depends on the shape of the wood pieces. The width of 5 feet is cool enough for the greenhouse door and so the proportional inside space must be properly decided.

6. Plastic sheet: The cover of the hoop house will be a plastic sheet and the attachment of the sheet with the frames must be properly done.

7. Sabre saw: The Sabre saw is required punch through the wood and attach the sheet, pipes with the wood pieces.

Estimated cost

The cost of the greenhouse is the most important parameter kept in mind while designing the structure so that it can be built by anyone and everyone. $50 is the primary expenditure calculated while arranging the materials, but a few additional dollars may come into play if the quality of the frame of the hoop house is to be improved.


Designing the greenhouse

1. The outline of the hoop house is made by joining the pipes with the wooden structures on the ground. The pressure treated lumbers are used to poly-tunnel the end frames.

2. Rest of the frame is made to accommodate the door size which should be 5 feet in width. You can make the entrance big, but it will only be a hectic job.

3. The final lining and measurements are taken and the glue is used at the joint to make the structure more rigid.

4. The plastic sheeting that is used has non-UV stabilization and is plain in nature. It is obtained from lumber sheeting and is used as the cover of the hoot house. The sheet is then stapled to the basic frame of the house.

5. The plastic sheet must be uniformly spread out upon the full frame of the house and your $50 hoot house is ready!

Frequently asked questions

Can plywood strips be used instead of wood pieces?
Yes, you can suitably use plywood strips.

What is the utility of my own greenhouse?
The greenhouse can grow a lots a vegetables & fruits under controlled temperatures and provides you fresh, cheap supply of food.

Is it really $50 greenhouse?
Yes, it is but the expenditure may rise above $100-$150 depending upon the quality and the size of the house.

Quick tips
1. Do not get tempted to make the base of your green house wider because it can cause water entry during the rainy seasons.

2. Paint the PVC pipes before using them, so that the hoot house becomes be an eye-catcher.

3. Use ‘Visqueen’ plastic as the cover to prevent the UV rays.

Things to watch out for

1. The usage of 2” ridge on the top is instructed to avoid a collapse in case of a snow blow.

2. The use of screws and glue must be well co-ordinated to make the structure rigid because the instance of collapsed a hoot house is pretty common.

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