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Bikerakk: Used car tires turned into sculptural cycle stand


Wellington designer Matt Hammond and his business partner Duncan Forbes have installed an innovative cycle sculpture outside the Chaffers New World, in Wellington. The urban sculpture, dubbed as Bikerakk, is made from a steel frame sheathed in rubber from four recycled car tires. Three lockable loops are there to ensure prevention against theft. Though the casing enveloping the bike is solid enough, it causes no damage to paint as such.

bikerakk 1

Matt Hammond says…

It just worked on various levels once I started thinking about it, and what you see now sits well with cyclists, greenies, urban planners, property owners, and people who actually want to see and touch something that is a real sustainable product.

bikerakk 2

An illuminated brand disc produces a light wave on outdoor cycle stands, and, thus, enhances public safety. After the installation of the first sculpture, another one awaits installation in Moore Wilson in April. Australia and Britain are among the other locations for installing more of these sculptures.

Via: InfoNews

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