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Recycling businesses that ended up battling massive lawsuits

Recycling is awesome, but that doesn’t mean the businesses handling recycling are always clean, or safe from being targeted by business disputes. Yes, you do care about the environment but does that guarantee you won’t go wrong elsewhere? Recycling firms have been involved in legal disputes, some of which are quite damning.Here is a list of recycling firms that faced lawsuits for different reasons.

The Iowa Recycling Company


This company has been facing a lawsuit because of its excretion of asbestos and disposing it off illegally at a truck stop. The incident took place around 3 years ago. Quite a few samples of the waste test positive of the presence of asbestos if Iowa Department of Natural Resources is to be believed. The company dumped debris that had occurred because of digging and unfortunately, it also contained dug up asbestos.

Wealthy Max Ltd


This firm in Hong Kong has been facing a lawsuit because they sold damaged coins to the US mint. While the company strongly denies the charge, US have been fighting this lawsuit claiming that it has been given millions of dollars of damaged loose change.  The company is into recycling coins and then floating it back into the market. Interestingly enough, Wealthy Max Ltd has retorted by filing a law suit against the US claiming a compensation of $3.18 million.

Fort Madison Recycling Company

dead fish floated in the river, water resource, water pollution

Sadly, the following allegations have been raised against the Fort Madison Company –

  1. Not following laws related to open burning and air quality
  2. Improper discharge of storm water
  3. Storage of waste tire

However, the fingers aren’t being pointed without cause. It is said that the sweat furnace is being repeatedly operated and it releases highly toxic chemicals into the air.

Global Electronic Recycling

Microsoft Corporation headquarters

Global Electronic Recycling has unwittingly entered into a lawsuit with Microsoft. The latter claims that GER i.e. Global Electronic Recycling has been making a re-sale of Microsoft’s products without any authorisation. Microsoft has therefore asked GER to repay them for copyright infringements. The 10 page lawsuit claims that GER resold around 70,000 key cards or serial numbers of Microsoft illegally.

Rochester Computer Recycling Firm

Business together

Once again Microsoft has filed copyright infringement charges against the Rochester Computer Recycling firm. It says that the computers are loaded with an illegal Windows OS. The lawsuit has called out to the president of the company whilst stating the sales of the computers that had a torrent OS. So far, no one has heard from Todd Wheaton, the president of Rochester Computer Recycling Firm.

Arizona Recyclers


This company simply ships empty cans of aluminium to California. The strategy worked and the firm made millions. However, the twisted lawsuit is fairly interesting. It is alright to call Arizonian cans Californian in California but you can’t do the same in Arizona. Thus, it makes it difficult for honest firms who abide by the law in both the states. Tired of the situation, SA recycling sued these firms for unfair competition as well as unjust enrichment through unlawful schemes.

In Conclusion

Small plant growing in the human hands.

Thus, one can see that a recycling business has its own hazards but if one loves the environment, then this is one way to go about it. You not only earn money but also protect the environment. In this modern and globalised world, a recycling business is definitely a good idea! You might go for anything from recycling plastic to complete recycling of the waste material.

You will be surprised at the number of things that you can recycle for money. Gift cards, saving cards from the grocery store, human hair, plastic bottles and what not… There are companies that collect these things and give you money equal to the value of the cards or whatever it is that you are giving them to recycle and use. So, you earn money whilst recycling and protecting the environment!

Therefore, go ahead, open a recycling firm or simply give away the useless things lying at your home for recycling. You are going to be good to go as you will soon, slowly find out. It is two birds with an arrow when you get to protect the environment whilst making profit.

The recycling business is a business like any other. Companies will often end up with disputes, and some will cut corners. It isn’t surprizing that we’ve seen some very interesting lawsuits in the business.

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