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Australia’s most energy-efficient house to uphold home ownership dream

7 star low energy charity home

The Ballarat Foundation in collaboration with the University of Ballarat and Ingetra Group has constructed Australia’s most energy-efficient house. The 7-Star Low Energy Charity Home located in The Chase Estate at Alfredton, Ballarat, has been designed to reduce energy consumption in addition to the harmful environmental impacts. Though made of regular building material, the structure acquired its 7-star rating for the way it has been built and designed.

The energy-efficient brick-veneer home is like any other normal home but what makes it special are the green features added to it. The eco-home has well lighted living space and kitchen area in addition to solar panels that reduce energy consumption. It incorporated earth-friendly features like lighting, insulation and solar hot water that underwent a cost-benefit analysis. The dwelling consists of four bedrooms, a study room, two bathrooms, separate laundry, double-garage and a water-friendly garden.

The main objective behind this green project was simply to uphold the Australian dream of home ownership by helping homeowners save energy and the environment while not sidelining affordability. The property that is on the market for $395,000 through PRD Jens Gaunt is open to public from 1-5pm Saturdays and Sundays until it’s sold. Already some 3000 people have visited this beautiful dream house.

Via: WeeklyTimesNow

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