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Atomic Renu ski boots made of 80% renewable raw materials

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Skiing through mesmerizing landscapes covered with crystal clear snow leaves you with a feeling that no words can explain. Just to add a little more magic to your skiing experience, what better than eco-friendly ski boots. Dubbed as the Renu Atomic, this small ecological revolution is the first of Atomic ski boots made of recycled raw materials.

The Atomic Renu is made using cotton fibers, biopolymers and bamboo, making it a perfect choice for all the environmentalists. Where conventional ski boots are harsh on the environment as they are made entirely of artificial fibers and oil-based, the Renu Atomic with their green raw material reduces our impact on Mother Nature without compromising on comfort and performance.

The CO2 release associated with its manufacturing process is quite small and is 13% lighter when compared with its traditional counterparts. The Renu is therefore one of several initiatives aimed at fighting ATOMIC global warming.

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