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Artists show towering Minarets of Istanbul using found glass scraps

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Scrap glass pieces found at a glass blowers workshop in London became inspiration to an innovative piece of art. Dubbed the “Minarets”, this series of glass decanters is a result of joint effort by Turkish designer Ezgi Turksoy and British designer Kacper Hamilton. The designers found that each piece had a visual reference of an architectural landscape that reminded of Istanbul with its tall Minarets towering above the rest of the city and decide to use them to form an unusual design work.

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‘Hamilton Turksoy’ has come up with an interesting assembly of 8 unique decanters, which use the scrap glass pieces. The beauty lies in the fact that these exquisite shape are a result of natural flaws from the process of blowing glass and cannot be intentionally created, making each piece unique. The duo plans to exclusively exhibit their brilliant work of art at Mint for the London Design Festival 2010.

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Via: Dezeen

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