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Amazing works of art fashioned out of old texts  

Book lovers worldwide have found a new use for old and unused texts. They are fashioning stunning works of art from old books, a fantastic and imaginative way of recycling. Instead of using conventional material to sculpt things, they are using old books, all kinds – text books and novels and encyclopedias even, to give form to their art.

The books from libraries which are classed as rejects, are used to create amazing art installations and provide a refreshing new look at the tomes which we hardly give a thought to. Read on to find out more:

City scapes by Liu Wei


Image Source : Collabcubed

Liu Wei, a Chinese artist, uses text books to give expression to his art. He stacks recycled books one on top of the other, which are then held in place by metal rods. He manages to convey the chaotic, rapid development of Beijing through his textbook structures. He has created many modern cities which are recognizable by their towering landmarks. In his works, he has used the dust from the carving process to give the feeling of disintegration. It’s an interesting and innovative way to recycle old books.

Cecelia Levy’s 3D art created from comic books


Image Source : Static.BoredPanda.Com

Cecelia Levy, an artist from Sweden, makes exquisitely beautifulpapier-mâché eggs, boots, teacups and more, out of faded and old comics and books. She looks out for well-thumbed books, the browned pages of which she uses to transform into 3D artworks. Each of her pieces are unique and outstanding. The multi-colored teacups or the paper bowls with their wood finish, do not reveal that they have been made from some humble old books, which werediscarded and forgotten.

Book sculptures by Brain Dettmer


Image Source : Blog.Wanken.Com

Surgical tools, tweezers and knives are usually associated with surgeons, and Brian Dettmer is a surgeon – of a kind. He is known as the book surgeon, as he uses the tools of a surgeon to carve a single page at a time, to create his amazing book sculptures. He makes riveting book sculptures from outdated medical journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries and illustrated books.

He does not tear out pages but just carves his way through every page to express the form he has imagined. Not a single page is relocated either. He tries to bring out the relationships between the book’s elements, and explores the possibilities within to create new forms.

He is a papercraft artist whose work is appreciated worldwide.

The book waterfall by Alicia Martin


Image Source : PublicInstallationArt.Altervista.Org

There is a waterfall in The Hague, Netherlands, which consists of books. Instead of water cascading down, you will see numerous books falling down from the windows of a building – the Meermanno museum. It is an installation by Alicia Martin.

Alicia’s sculpture is held together by an iron frame, dramatically broken right in the center, as if the weight of the millions of words was too much for the frame to bear. All the books used in the installation, have been donated to her. Text books, comic books, encyclopedias and romance novels – any book which is unwanted is given a new lease of life by the artist. 

 Miler Lagos’s book igloo


Image Source : Static.BoredPanda.Com

This unique igloo is made from books taken from a defunct US library. This artist from Columbia stacked the books in the shape of a dome. His idea behind the sculpture was the dynamics existing between material possessions, culture and nature.The books’ spines face inside, giving the interesting experience of being in a library, albeit a haphazard one. The outward facing pages give the impression of a monotone igloo, thus explaining the name of the sculpture. 

Magical sea creatures by Valerie Buess


Image Source : FishAndBicylces

Valerie Buess has worked with paper for the past twenty years. She fabricates organic shapes out of discarded books, which resemble sea creatures – sea urchins, sea grass, coral reefs and many more. Her intricate works are spell-binding as they lead the viewer into her surreal world of underwater sea fantasy. 

These amazing sculptures are a conscious choice of some of the world’s artists, to move away from conventional material and use discarded books as the base material for their artwork. This is an innovative and eco-friendly way to display their creativity to the world, as well as inspiring others to do the same.

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