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Amazing creations made from recycled tires

recycled tire sculptures3

I have come across a lot of recycled works in the past and have always appreciated artists who went beyond the ordinary. Today I am here to introduce you to something that for sure is not ordinary. Seeing these extraordinary items who would believe that those dark, dull and of course so boring tires could be shaped into something so beautiful and exquisite. Take a look at these mesmerizing creations that say a thousand words.

• Mobile DJ designs speakers:

ollie recycled car tire speakers

A Mobile DJ by profession, Ollie Boyce is trying to save the environment by turning used car tires into custom speakers that can be used at home or in your car as well. With a patent-pending design, Ollie converts old tires into speakers that are custom made to user specifications and their use. Read more.

• Earthship:


Architect Michael Reynolds, better known as the Garbage Warrior, sought the creative support of his 12-man crew and a couple of volunteers to erect a self-sufficient, off-the-grid construction near Yellowstone River, in Miles City, Montana. The green house, dubbed as Earthship, is made of tires, beer bottles and pop cans. Special steel belted bricks were made by ramming dirt into 650 tires. Read more.

• Automan 500:

automan 500

Good news for all the music lovers and the eco-conscious! Now you can listen to your favorite tunes, while contributing to Mother Nature. Here is an eco-subwoofer made completely from recycled tires. Dubbed the “Automan 500”, this stylish speaker cabinet incorporates things like recycled tires, cushion from locally sourced materials, recycled buckles, and renewable wheat straw fiberboard. The eco-subwoofer offering green music was one of 18 finalists in Greener Gadgets Competition this year.

• Bikerakk:


Wellington designer Matt Hammond and his business partner Duncan Forbes have installed an innovative cycle sculpture outside the Chaffers New World, in Wellington. The urban sculpture, dubbed as Bikerakk, is made from a steel frame sheathed in rubber from four recycled car tires. After the installation of the first sculpture, another one awaits installation in Moore Wilson this month.

• Terrewalks:


Improving the flaws of Rubbersidewalks, sidewalks panels made of recycled tires, a new sidewalk is here to save the environment. Dubbed the “Terrewalks”, these sidealks are made of 100% recycled tire rubber and waste plastic, and organic colorant then molded under compression. Offering the toughness of concrete and proving to be a delight to the knees, this innovative sidewalk also supports tree plantation.

• Dome-house:

dome house

Levinton, an Argentine architect came up with an ingenious idea of a dome-house made by using recycle tires to give a helping hand in reconstruction of Haiti after the earthquake. He plans to construct the houses using recycled tires by making a large base with them and then installing a metal dome that will be covered with tarp or similar materials. He claims that the sustainable shelter can be built with just $50 and that too within a day.

• Recycled tire planter:

recycled tire planter

Here is an artistic way of utilizing waste tires in a more meaningful way. All that is done is tires are trimmed and turned inside out. Now what you are left with is a beautiful planter that not only involves recycling, but also has another green feature added to it. You can place it in your dwelling, beautifying it with plants offering fresh air.

• Recycoool:


You must have seen a variety of furniture all your life, but I bet none like this one. Called the Recycoool, this concept furniture diverts tires from landfills. It is a new inflatable furniture that makes use of old tire tubes. Designed by Nir Ohayon, an Israeli designer who has brought style, comfort and sustainability under one roof, the furniture is not only innovative but functional too.

• Recycled Tire Sculptures:

I have seen a lot of remarkable sculptures made from recycled materials, but these ones here are truly remarkable. Ji Yong Ho, a Korean artist has breathed new life into those old tires that are considered nothing more than waste. With his ingenious thoughts and creativity, Yong Ho has crafted sculptures looking at which I am speechless.

recycled tire sculptures1

recycled tire sculptures2

recycled tire sculptures4

recycled tire sculptures5

recycled tire sculptures6

recycled tire sculptures7

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