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Amazing creations made from recycled bottles


Art can transform any object – we can find on this planet – into something worth cherishing, and the millions of discarded plastic bottles that keep on lying here and there are no exceptions to the fact. We have seen innovators and artists coming up with shelters, decorations and similar artworks created from the abandoned stuff. Lest you keep craving to see them, we’re listing some of them right after the jump.

Beer bottle goblets:

beer bottle goblets

Beer Bottle Goblets have been crafted from reclaimed Corona, Sol and Grolsch bottles. The glass artists cut away the base and polish the edges. Then they bond a base to the bottom of the bottle to create its base. Aren’t these goblets artier than the regular beer glasses?

Minnie Evans Sculpture Garden Bottle House:

bottle chapel1 bmm7y 24429

Minnie Evans’ Sculpture Garden Bottle House, also referred to as the chapel, was built by a local artist, Virginia Wright-Frierson in 2004. Located at Airlie Gardens, Wilmington, NC, the house was made using bottles, cement and chicken wire. Constructed as a garden retreat, the inside of Minnie Evans Bottle Chapel includes a sculpture of a tree with birds and nests.

bottle chapel3 pwcvi 24429

bottle chapel5 yctla 24429

Aesops Glass Bottle Store – Adelaide:

aesops glass bottle store adelaide

The Australian-based Aesop brand came up with its brand new Adelaide “bottle” boutique. The store’s ceiling is made from recycled bottles, arranged in a wave pattern. Don’t you think it’s simply beautiful?

The Ecological Bottle House:

the ecological bottle house 1 p1joo 69

Dubbed as La Casa de Botellas or The Ecological Bottle House, the eco-dwelling is made from discarded plastic bottles, tetra packs and compact disc boxes. The owner claims that the house uses 1200 PET plastic bottles in its walls, 1300 milk and wine tetra packs in the roof, 140 compact disc boxes in the doors and windows, 120 PET plastic bottles in the couches and about 200 PET plastic bottles in the bed.

the ecological bottle house 3 hxlcz 69

the ecological bottle house 2 mg86r 69

Musical owl made from recycled chicken wire, bottles:

musical owl made from recycled chicken wire bottle

The human-height, musical owl was exhibited two years back at San Francisco’s Fifty24. It is made of chicken wire, bottles, and other materials. In above image, you can see speaker-cone parts used for eyes that play music.

House made from 6 million recycled beer bottles:

beer bottle house1 kncmx 24429

Tito Ingenieri, who hails from city called Quilmes, has spent 19 years of his life building a house from 6 million beer bottles. Putting in nearly two decades of hard work, Tito collected non-returnable bottles from the streets and his neighbors for his project.

beer bottle house4 wkcch 24429

beer bottle house5 lw9zy 24429

P.E.T. Monster:

pet monster

Spotted on Panramio, the P.E.T. monster is made with bottles collected in the Danube Delta. The demonstrative monster shows how the residents are adding too much of plastic waste into the Delta.

Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village:

grandma prisbreys bottle village

Can you imagine a complete village created out of discarded bottles exists somewhere on our planet? It is Grandma Prisbrey’s village located in Simi Valley, California. The village comprising of 33 structures is made of over a million bottles.

grandma prisbreys bottle village 2

grandma prisbreys bottle village 3

Jasmine Zimmerman’s Bottle House:

jasmine zimmerman bottle house

Jasmine Zimmerman, the internationally exhibited American artist, created the Bottle House. It’s an open-roofed greenhouse made from hundreds of recycled plastic bottles. Jasmine hopes to exhibit her greenhouse in empty lots, rooftops, parks, and vacant buildings so that people are forced to think about recycling.

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