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Adorn your walls in style with the stamp bird house

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The stunning creation (pictured above) was designed by Mabel Mavern. It is a admirable wall decorative, which is actually a roost for cute little birds. The authenticity of this birdhouse is its outer wallpaper, which is a colorful (blue) assemblage of original stamps. These original QEII postal stamps in all shades of blue, give this little roost a very pleasant yet antique look.

This can be hung on the wall of your corridor or just keep it on a high wall of your home to enhance the beauty of the place, which would serve as a resting place for your chirpy guests (birds).

product 41386 1 stamp bird housefull

41386 140 140 3 stamp bird house mabelmavern

41386 140 140 2 stamp bird house mabelmavern

Via: Bouf

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