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Hybrid Species: 10 animals God never intended to create!

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Humans have always loved the concept of mixing two things and this curiosity of theirs led to a term called Hybrid. Their imagination gave birth to a Mermaid, which till date people don’t know if it exists or not. Taking this to the next level of reality are hybrid animals. It is an offspring of two animals, breed from two distinct breeds, varieties, species or genera. Such animals show personalities of both parents and are often sterile, which restricts further breeding between hybrid animals. Such breeds look remarkably different as they show traits of two different animals.

1. Grolar Bear (Grizzly bear and polar bear)
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A hybrid of grizzly and polar bear is the Grolar Bear. A Canadian hunter killed a white bear with brown patches in the year 2006. It had mostly white fur but like grizzly bears had long claws, which the DNA tests exposed that it was a hybrid Grolar Bear. Showing intermediate traits both of a polar bear and the grizzly bear, two hybrids (male and female) were born in 2004 at Osnabrück Zoo.

2. Sheep-goats
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A hybrid offspring of a sheep and goat is called a sheep-goat. Though they may look similar but in reality they come from different genera. Though they share common pasturing grounds but their hybrids are poorly attested, which proves the genetic difference between them. Most if the times because of this their offspring’s is stillborn. In the year 2000, at the Botswana ministry of Agriculture an offspring of a sheep and goat was born which was infertile with an active libido.

But the most famous till date being Dolly. Born in the year 1996 from three different mothers in Scotland, Dolly was the first cloned mammal ever. She was a result of 276 experiments but was euthanized at the age of six because of serious health problems.

3. Wholphinpic 3

A crossbreed between an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin and a false killer whale is called a Wholphin. Some people have reported that they have seen Wholphins in the wild but presently only two of them are in captivity at the Sea Life Park in Hawaii. The first born Wholphin in captivity was born in 1985 and was named Kekaimalu. Her first offspring died at the age of nine but she gave birth to another one named Kawili’Kai, on December 23, 2004

4. Panda Dog – a new hybrid species
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What happens when a dog falls in love with a panda? Simple, a Panda Dog. Named Columbo, this hybrid has traits of a dog as well as a panda. Adopted by Kensuke Hirakawa, it is the most talked about creature in Japan. Kensuke colored Columbo’s hair with non-toxic black dye to give its fur a typical Panda look.

5. Zubron (wisent and domestic cattle)pic 5

A hybrid formed from the mating between a wisent and domestic cattle is called a Zubron. Over the years, Zubron proved to be very strong and less vulnerable to diseases and the first one was produced in 1847. On August, 1960 the first Zubron born to a Zubron mother and was nemed Filon. Female Zubrons weight up to 810 kg and males nearly 1200 kg.

6. Liger

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A cat born from the breeding between a male lion and female tiger is called a Liger. It has more lion characteristics. Like a tiger, it likes swimming but looks like a large lion with stripes. On the other hand, a breed between a male tiger and female lion is called a tigon and this has more tiger characteristics.

The liger is a cross (a hybrid) between a female tiger and a male lion. It has also been known as a lion-tiger mule. A liger looks like a giant lion with diffused stripes. Some male ligers grow sparse manes. Like tigers, but unlike lions, ligers enjoy swimming. Hercules a Liger is the largest of all cat species and is 10 feet tall when it stands on its back legs.

7. Beefalopic 7

A cross between Bison (buffalo) and any domestic cattle is called a Beefalo. The only purpose was to blend the high qualities of a Bison and cattle. They have been thought to exist since 1700’s but its real worth came across only in 1800’s. A major breakthrough took place n 1960’s when the best of both species came together to produce a superior animal. Beefalo animals can be more resourceful, and can slash input costs and increase profits.

8. Zebroid (zebra and horse)
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Crossbreeding between a zebra and any other equid is called a zebroid. Known to be bred since 19th century, a zebra has been crossbred with donkey sire, horse and donkey as well. In short, Zebroid is a common name for all hybrids that happen with Zebra. All the hybrids are stripped like zebra and physically look like the other parent.

9. Narwhal-beluga hybrid
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A documentary about an strange hybrid of Narwhals and beluga whales has been shown from Greenland. The only two living species of the Monodontidae family are Narwhal and Beluga. Protruding from the lower jaw of Narwhals is an elongated, straight, coiled tusk.

10. Savannah cat (wild cat and domestic cat)
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A cross between a servile and a domestic cat is a hybrid domestic cat breed called Savannah cat. Size wise the first generation cats are larger than the ones that follow. The markings on such a cat’s body can have various patterns and are called Marbling. Like a cheetah the face of this specie has a tear marking. Neither they are afraid of water nor dogs and are also quite friendly. Savannah cat breed got a formal recognition in the year 2000.

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