Lightning storms lay bare the power of Mother Nature

Lightning storms are spectacular displays of the force of nature. Each lightning bolt may contain up to 1 billion volts ...

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Compost Bin Vs Compost Tumbler: Finding The Right Fit For You

When making compost, one has to consider a large number of things and ensure that everything falls into budget. This ...

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Recycling businesses that ended up battling massive lawsuits

Recycling is awesome, but that doesn’t mean the businesses handling recycling are always clean, or safe from being targeted by ...

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Tiny Homes That Make Living Off The Grid Possible And Comfortable

Many people are choosing to live life off the grid. The decision could be due to the need for independence ...

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Worst Wildfires That The World Has Seen

Wildfires are fires that cannot be controlled and destroy huge areas in their paths in a few minutes. The causes ...

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Amazing works of art fashioned out of old texts  

Book lovers worldwide have found a new use for old and unused texts. They are fashioning stunning works of art ...

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8 Quick Hacks To Keep Your Food Fresh Longer

Be it fruits, vegetables or any raw material that we use in the kitchen, if stored in a proper way, ...

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Simple, clean and energy-efficient gadgets for eco-conscious folks

The need of the hour at this point of time in mankind’s evolution is clean and energy-efficient products, which are ...

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Reduce your food wastage effectively with these simple tips

Before emptying trash, have you ever thought of the amount of food that is being wasted by you per day! ...

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Giant solar powered bridges that inspire big infrastructure developers to think green          

Green structures are the future of construction. Using materials which conserve energy and reduce the burden on conventional resources is ...

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Vertical forests could be the next big thing for our urban landscapes

Urban jungle will soon cease to mean concrete. The Bosco Verticale is making its way into the city at the ...

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Sustainable floating homes take the green quest to water

Sustainable floating homes are one of the ideas that have come off of the sustainability combined with creativity cum luxury ...

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