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7 Interesting facts about global warming

Global warming

The problem of global warming has become a topic of debate throughout the world. The globe is gradually turning as hot as a furnace and is adversely affecting the ecology and environment of the earth.

The reasons responsible for the warming up of the earth range from greenhouse gases to the simple use of electronic appliances. This goes on to say that it is human activity emissions that has caused this unnatural change. Following are a few unknown facts about global warming that will make you further shocked about the issue:

1. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas that has been creating adverse effect on our planet since a long time now. Especially with the rapid cutting down of trees, this gas has been freely prevailing in the air thereby affecting the planet to a great extent. About 1.4 billion pounds, i.e., 70 million tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere every single day.

2. The scorching heat in summer and lukewarm climate in winter is the result of global warming. And the earth is getting warmer and warmer day by day. It can be undoubtedly said that it snowed much more when you were a kid. The climate of the past 10 years has proven to set new records in terms of the increasing temperature of the globe and one can definitely not be proud about this. Therefore, between 1997-2008, the earth experienced the hottest years of its existence.

3. The highest and hottest temperature in the Arctic sea ice were recorded in the year 2008 and it is melting at a fast pace. This seems to be of serious concern as the ecological and geographical balance of the earth is getting adversely affected due to this grave issue.

4. Sailing along the northwest passage above North America was an impossible mission and almost a dream, due to the rocky solid iceberg there. However, sailing across this passageway has now become possible for the first time in 100 years because of the rapidly melting Arctic ice as a result of global warming. More so, what has been estimated is that sea levels will rise by 20 feet if the Greenland or West Antarctic Ice Sheets completely melt. Life could never get as painful and adulterated as this.

5. Scientists have estimated that the Arctic region will soon be experiencing summers and an ice free climate by the year 2040. This goes on to say that the effects of global warming will increase as and when large water bodies absorb more of the sun’s heat. Rare species like the polar bear and other animals will soon have to face the problem of losing their icy habitat and eventually become extinct. So much so that 82% of glaciers have already disappeared and are no more to be seen in the Glacier National Park, Montana. This heavenly park has only 27 glaciers left as compared a figure of 150 in the year 1910.

6. In the midst of this devastating situation, ice melting from the Greenland glaciers has almost doubled and if this continues to happen then around 500,000 cubic miles of ice would be lost as a result. This fresh water in the form of melted ice should not be allowed to dump into the ocean as it would be catastrophic to low-lying areas and would also disturb oceanic currents.

7. With the rising sea level and all other various issues affecting this planet, the problem of displacement of human settlements has become a serious concern. In New York over a hundred million people will be made to displace themselves if the sea level rises just by another 1 yard. With more and more freshwater melting into the sea, it is quite possible that the era of mini-ice age can be brought to the continent of Europe. With so much trouble happening all around the world due to global warming, it is important that each of us does our bit to reduce this problem. Saving water, electricity, and using ecofriendly electronic gadgets is just the start toward creating a tomorrow that is safer, better, and more beautiful.

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