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7 creative ways to reuse and recycle old CDs and DVDs

7 Creative ways to recycle old CDs ans DVDs

You will generally find a bunch of old CD’S at your home. Many of you will consider these CD’S and DVD’S as a waste. You will probably throw them away. Do you know there are really interesting and creative ways in which these CD’S can be utilized? Recycling is a great option to make best use of these old collections of CD’S. Explore your creative side and feel free to make optimum use of these CD’S.

Here are some amazing ways to recycle and reuse your spare CD’S:

1. Catch candle drips

candle stand

You can give your candles an amazing and creatively designed stand. Make intelligent use of a CD for the same. One thing that you need to make sure is that the candle which you are using should be short in length, and has a base that will support it to stand easily. You should keep in mind that the candle base should be a little larger than the CD hole to fit into it. After fixing your candle, you just need to place the candle holder on a heat resistant surface.

2. Bike reflectors

The cd reflector

You will love to flaunt your bikes by making it eye catchy and unique. Using a CD on your bicycle wheels can give your bike a different style. This change won’t be irresistible to look at and appreciate. Bike reflectors are easy to make. You just need to tape you CD to your bicycle wheels. These will work as great reflectors.

3. Flower holder

Flower holder

Many a times, you may not think of investing in a flower vase because it is not that easy to look for a vase that suits well with your home décor. You can make an interesting flower holder with your CD’S. You just need to take a CD and put it over a glass of water. Make sure that you put the flower stems through the CD hole. The best part is that the shiny CD surface will act as a mirror to display the beautiful flowers.

4. Garden row markers

garden marker.

Your CD can make unique garden row makers. On the CD-Rom you can write the name of your vegetable using a permanent marker. Next you just need to place the CD on the ground. This will make clear and interesting classifications in your garden.

5. Bird treatbird serving

You might be following a routine of serving birds with food and water. This option will add beauty and creativity to it. Simply you need to coat your CD with peanut butter and dip the same into bird seed. This can easily be attached to the tree branch and will act as a great source of treat for the birds.

6. Clocks

7 Creative ways to recycle old CDs ans DVDs

Clock is a great option that can be made using a CD. Make an intelligent use of old CD’S to create funny clocks. These exciting clocks will add fun to your little one’s room.

7. Wind chimes

wind chimes

Give a unique and colorful look to your home interiors using a CD as a wing chime. You might be amazed with this option, but it is not just an imagination. You just need to stick two CD’S together and let them dry. Next you need to drill holes such as one at the top and around six at the bottom of the CD. Let your creativity flow and give appropriate designs to your CD. For example hang beads, and use other decorative thing to make it a really attractive one. Hang them in your home and make it a unique place and a treat to watch.

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  • November Fox

    Love the bird seed idea. I’m going to try this with Crisco and seeds. This may be my answer to keeping the squirrels out of feeders.

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