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Grape – DR Super Computer

4 Eco-Friendly Supercomputers that can change the world of Supercomputing

Supercomputers are not like your average personal computer. They are built strictly for heavy tasks that can take up plenty of memory, energy and processing power. The calculations they make literally range in the size of terabytes and they are usually used in the fields of medicine, mathematics, engineering and astronomy, etc. for very complicated tasks.

The new range of supercomputers introduced recently has another silent weapon up their alley as well. Check out 4 such supercomputers that are being termed the most eco-friendly super computers on the planet.

Bio-Powered Super Computer

Bio-Powered Super Computer

Image Source : Timesofindia.Indiatimes.Com

A team of scientists in Toronto have created an eco-friendly supercomputer that runs on bio-energy. Taking up a much smaller space than traditional super computers, the bio-powered computer also uses lesser energy than the former, albeit processing information at the same speed.

The bio-powered super computer in fact, uses a substance called Adenosine Triphosphate for energy. This is the same substance that supplies energy to all the cells in our body, thus indicating at the possible arrival of a new generation of biological supercomputers in the near future.

SGI Supercomputer Cooled with Eco-Friendly Fluids

SGI Supercomputer Cooled with Eco-Friendly Fluids

Image Source : Regmedia.Co.Uk

Intel has built a new supercomputer in collaboration with SGI which is cooled by an eco-friendly fluid. The SGI ICE X System comes with an advanced coolant system using 3M’s Novec coolant wherein the cooling fluid flows directly above the hardware. This helps to cool down the computer faster and more effectively, cutting down the cooling costs considerably in the process while improving performance as well.

Intel claims that this can also reduce the need for a bulky cooling system to cool down supercomputers which usually generate tons of heat. According to the company, this method will also reduce the overall power consumption of the cooling system by nearly 95% when compared to traditional air cooled systems.

Eco-Friendly Grape – DR Super Computer

Grape – DR Super Computer

Image Source : News.Techgenie.Com

Designed by Tokyo’s Department of Information Science, the Grape –DR is toured to be one of the greenest super computers on earth. Earning plenty of rave reviews since its launch, the computer is featured in the ‘Little Green 500’ list that displays the top 500 eco-friendly computers in the world. Among the more impressive features of the Grape –DR are the 4 Grape –DR accelerator chips, 64 Intel Core i7-920 processors and a power usage of only 50 watts which is roughly the same amount of energy used by up a light bulb. This makes the Grape –DR greener as well as more efficient than other super computers.

Power 575 Supercomputer featuring Hydro-Cluster Design

power 575

Image Source : Img.Scoop.Co.Nz

Launched by IBM, the Power 575 Supercomputer is touted to be another eco-friendly supercomputer that can literally redefine the way computers are built in the near future. Featuring the company’s patented Power 6 Microprocessor, the Power 575 uses copper plates chilled with water as the computer’s coolant system.

These copper plates are placed right above the microprocessor in order to dissipate the heat emitted from the latter. The cooling system itself features an impressive hydro cluster design that will radically reduce the number of cooling systems needed for the Power 575 by 80% while reducing the amount of energy used up by each cooling system by 40% or more. This unique cooling method ensures that any computer or supercomputer that uses this system can reduce its carbon footprint on the planet significantly.

A new set of supercomputers introduced by scientists tends to break stereotypical barriers by taking up lesser space and using less energy than traditional supercomputers.

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