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30 new fish species spotted in Pacific ‘twilight zone’

30 new fish species spotted in Pacific ‘twilight zone’

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At the darkness of the more than 300 feet depth under the sea, there lies a complete new bizarre world of newfound species. Previously unknown to man, the scientists in a five- week expedition to the Pacific Ocean, have discovered not two or three new species, but an amazing whole new world of at least 30 species deep in the ocean’s darkness!

Thanks to the researchers who are basking in their own rights for the successful fish catching dive perhaps the single most ever made before.

Researchers claim,

Every one of the fish in this bucket is a new species. That doesn’t happen! It may have done 200 years ago, but not today.

The largely, previously unexplored ‘twilight zone’ — at depths between 180 and 450 feet — off the tiny Micronesian nation of Palau seems to be a treasure trove of not just new fish species, but also enormous underwater cave systems – leaving scientists curious of what new and unknown lay even deeper in the oceans.

Discovered earlier this year, but not revealed until now, the unknown world has been filmed for a television documentary series and will soon be telecasted for the first time in the coming month.

So, if you are one of those crazy gazers of the oceanic world, don’t miss it!


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