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Best of 2011: Artwork made from e-waste

Landfills are dumped with waste every day and it is very important to decrease the load chucked on these waste grounds. One very hazardous type of waste thrown out of our home is electronic devices and components. These contain many harmful chemicals that leach into the earth and pollute the land as well as water. Therefore, we should try to put them to alternate uses. Circuit boards, monitors, bulbs, chips, computer parts, etc. can be assembled together and turned into something new. Here is a list of a few such fine-looking arts pieces created.

1. Steven Rodrig electrical circuits’ art

Steven Rodrig electrical circuits art

As their newer versions make way into the market , old PCBs get thrown out of our homes. Recycling them by incorporating the machinery in sculptures is a brilliant idea. These sculptures created by Cuban artist Steven Rodrig have a mechanical seem and are dubbed as ‘Printed Circuit Board Media Mixed.’ Insects and bugs are a favorite with the artist; he also makes sculpture shaped as flowers, shoes and cityscapes.

2. Gabriel Dishaw e-waste art

Gabriel Dishaw  e-waste art

A neat and graphic pair of sneakers made out of e-waste is ingenious. Computer chips, bolts, wire and circuit boards are used in their make. The shoes are given eye-catching colors by the American artist, also accents and hues on the frontage are attention grabbing. Though they cannot be worn, displaying them in rustic rooms, garages, backyards or garden pathways is a good idea. They will look cute and adorable sitting in a corner.

3. Citizen Cube made from e-waste

Citizen Cube made from e-waste

A robotic looking cubed display, you can easily see all the electric components, chips and circuit boards embedded on this one. On top of the cube are two black colored hands that are in an action to type out on the keyboard set in front of them. All artwork created by Brenda Guyton is inspired from artificial intelligence and biological adaptations.

4. Recycled Circuit Board toilet

Recycled Circuit Board toilet

Circuit boards assembled in shape of a pot is loathsome, but the piece might have fans in adolescents, tech geeks and rebels. The sculpture is rightly called the ‘Royal Data Thrown.’ It has been created by Steven Rodrig from Jersey, who is a computer and electronics repairman and is known for his PCB creations. Used for discarding data waste, this sculpture has a life size composition.

5. Circuit Board Robot

Circuit Board Robot

A whole robot made from circuit board chips. Mike Schropp is the creator of this magnificent piece and the first one was created by old electronics borrowed from friends and neighbors. An ingenious idea was to use an old camera lens for the eyes of the robot. The basic framework of the robot was made with laptops, computers and monitors. Other gadgets used to build it are processors, floppy drives and modems.

6. PC parts Shoes

PC parts Shoes

Gabriel Dishaw has been fascinated with art made out of junk and believes that a lot of harm can be avoided if you use electronic waste to create your artwork. He has put together a shoe from PC parts, the shoe has a shiny metallic finish. These Junk Art sneaker sculptures made by him are mind boggling. They are made from mother boards, typewriter keys, heat sinks, ram chips and other electronic parts thrown away.

7. HA Schult made Sculpture

HA Schult made Sculpture

Another artist who prides on reusing trash in his work is HA Schult. Trash people created by him is a sculpture of one thousand people made from trash such as electronic waste and crushed cans. He has also made the Beach Garbage Hotel in Madrid from trash found on beaches to highlight the large amount of trash generated by tourism.

8. Old vinyl records art

Old vinyl records art

Vinyl records end up in landfills, but an innovative idea by JAXPAC or Jacksonville Public Art Commission has instead put them to use to create artwork. Sculptures of reptilian creatures and aquatic animals are lined on the streets of Jackson. The prime materials used to make these are vinyl records and cardboard.

9. Coffee table made from e-waste

Coffee table made from e-waste

Use up your electronic waste to put together a coffee table. This table has a very technetronic look and the colors of green, brown and black will blend with almost any interior. The base of the table is put together with circuit boards, electronic components, disks, etc. and glass has been fitted on the top for a flat surface that is easy to use. A product from BRC designs, it is called the Binary Low Table.

10. Haribaabu Naatesam e waste art

Haribaabu Naatesam e waste art

These sculptures of autorickshaws, birds, shoes, crabs look colorful and alluring. One would never think that they are made from junk. But when you look closely; the video tapes, light bulbs, motherboards, floppy discs, walkmans, floppy disks, CD drivers and cellphones used to make them are seen clearly. This innovative work is the creation of Haribaabu Naatesam.

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