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2009 set to be the year of Global warming

2009 set to be the year of Global warming

floods everywhere thanks to global warming

Global warming will start spreading its malicious venom in 2009, initiating a spell of heat waves, warming the atmosphere and shooting the temperature beyond the highest ever level. But, are we thinking too far? What about the present weather situation around the globe?

Already fossil fuels have facilitated the mercury to shoot to a point that has left many areas parched resulting in drought, while few regions are recording incessant rains culminating in flooding, others are recording glacier retreat, and some are hanging on the noose of a total environment disaster. However, scientists have predicted 2009 to be the beginning of an environment catastrophe, warning that the earth will begin heating furiously because of reckless fuelling of the atmosphere with carbon and green house gas emissions, thanks to industrial pollution.

drought a child of global warming

Still, natural cycles like El Nino and La Nina will upset the climatic balance at places where they have been recorded particularly in the east Pacific and southeast Asia heating the atmosphere at one place and rain at other, resulting in droughts here and flooding there.

It is widely surmised that global warming will follow the El Nino spatial pattern. But, in whatever way or whichever year it might be, global warming is going to impact everyone from man to flora to fauna to buildings to houses. From dramatically impacting the atmosphere, it will result in devastation, illustrations of which are already visible around the globe. Still, the worst is yet to happen, as time passes, with the ticking of the clock, the destruction will come closer. Future will turn into present and we will be witness to the weather fury for which no one but man is to be blamed.



Via: Reuters

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