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15 stunning packaging design concepts that are green too

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In the wake of global environmental issues, the whole of the world’s population is going green in every possible way. Till now, product packaging was neglected as a potential destroyer of the environment. With time people realized that it was a major contributor to soil pollution and started looking for packaging alternatives. The term Eco packaging was coined for such packaging which were harmless to the environment. These products are made up of recycled or environment friendly materials. The entire product life cycle of the packaging is taken into consideration which includes designing, processing and ultimately disposal. The green packaging can be reused many times before it needs to be disposed. Usage of biodegradable material for manufacturing is another enticing feature of the green packaging which makes it all the more environment friendly. Many big labels have started using green packaging for their products.

1. Ingenious Cardboard Packaging

Ingenious Cardboard Packaging
The Ingenious cardboard packaging not only looks extremely cool but is also very functional. This packaging basically comprises of a flat cardboard sheet which can be easily conformed to any desired shape. You can use it to squeeze in a wide variety of products from clothes to cartons. It looks like a design straight out of a sci-fi flick. This amazing cardboard packaging was designed by Patrick Sung. The triangular perforation on the cardboard allows it to transform into different shapes as per the need. It can be easily bent around all odd forms. The best part of this packaging is that it eliminates the needs of box fillers.

2. Eco Coke concept bottle by Designer Andrew Kim

Eco Coke concept bottle
Human beings are a digger for cold drinks. Countless bottles are disposed everyday around the globe. Andrew Kim came up with an innovative design to package soft drinks. This designed was named as thee Eco Coke concept. It minimizes environmental footprint of the packaging and increases its efficiency. These square shaped bottles can be easily collapsed after usage. Moreover, these bottles can be easily shipped as they fit tightly in comparison to other designs. The Eco Coke concept is manufactured using sugar based bio-plastic.

3. Green Packaging Design by Dell

Green Packaging Design
Dell has come up with an innovative green packaging design which respects the environment and looks quite classy. This green packaging relies on three Cs concept- cube, content and curb. Under the three Cs concept, the size of the packaging is relatively smaller. It is made up of recycled materials which is quite sustainable. This packaging can be easily recycled for future use.

4. Recyclable Packaging By Brett Allcorn

Recyclable Packaging
The sleek looking recyclable packaging by Brett Alllcorn is not only good for the environment but is also quite trendy. This design will encourage the people to recycle by posting it back for recycling after taking out the product it had inside. The prepaid return postage makes the whole process fuss free and simple. With passing time, Brett is sure that recycling will become habit of the people.

5. Miniwiz’s Solar bulb Packaging Concept

Miniwiz’s Solarbulb

The Miniwiz’s Solar bulb packaging concept is truly one of the finest green packaging designs ever developed. Thanks to its CES presence, Miniwiz’s solar bulbs are a definitely the future. The package is made up of cardboard and is recyclable in every possible way. Besides being highly functional, the Miniwiz’s solar bulb packaging looks extremely appealing.

6. Packaging concept for Indulge Wines

Indulge wines are attracting masses around the world not only for its amazing wine quality but also because of its highly attractive packaging. This green packaging concept has been designed by UXUS. The design is highly practical and quite accessible to other product manufacturers as well. The lightweight Astra pouch is not just easy to carry around but also quite appealing in looks. The weight of this packaging is just 2 percent of that of a traditional glass bottle. This Eco-friendly packaging not only weighs less but also saves energy and is extremely cost efficient.

7. Sennheiser Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sennheiser has managed to come up with this extremely innovative design for green packaging. The Sennheiser CX 300 earphones come in this appealing packaging which is not just green but also highly chic. 100 percent recyclable cardboard have been used to make this packaging.

8. Stumptown Coffee Packaging

Stumptown Coffee

The Stumpdown coffee packaging will clearly knock you down with its smart appearance and Eco friendly design. The coffee bag was designed by Duane Sorenson who is also the co-founder of Stumpdown. The bag has a slit in the front side which can be used to insert card with information about the coffee growers, flavor, farms, locations, etc. This bag is cent percent biodegradable and highly functional.

9. H-Red Soap Packaging

HRed Soap
The H-Red soap packaging design is truly one of its kind. Not only is this packaging green but also very trendy. It bowls you over with its looks. H-Red adopted this packaging back in the year 2007. It amalgamates wood and paper perfectly into a gorgeous looking Eco friendly design. It is 100 percent organic and looks very appealing.

10. General Electric CFL Light Bulbs

CFL Light Bulbs
The GE CFL light bulbs come in a beautiful Eco friendly packaging. The concept was introduced by Kevin Kwok. This concept flaunts being one of the semifinalist design in the Adobe Design achievement Awards. The graphics are highly informative and look chic. These packages are manufactured using post consumer cardboard. These can also be mailed back for recycling thanks ti the initiative taken by GE.

11. Askinosie Chocolate Packaging

Askinosie Chocolate
The Askinosie chocolates come in green packaging unlike other popular brands of chocolate which use non-environmental friendly packaging designs. The old school design of the Askinosie package looks very pleasing and is perfect for the sustainability of the environment. This packaging is manufactured using old paper, worn off stamps and has classic typewriter font. The package looks highly retro and appealing.

12. Lacoste Eco/Techno Polo Shirts Packaging

Lacoste Eco
Lacoste collaborated with Tom Dixon to come up with this stunning Polo shirt packaging design. The packaging includes a speaking label which tells about the polo shirt in Tom’s voice. The concept is quite interesting and unique. Usage of paper or cardboard is minimized in this way.

13. Sustainable CD Case

CD Case
People tend to use plastic or paper CD bags to keep their important CDs intact. However, with the innovation of sustainable CD case, the need of paper or plastic bags is eliminated to a major extent. This green packaging deign was introduced by Elie Monge. This is a cardboard CD case which uses recycled material only. Many CDs can be fit inside this sustainable CD case. The design is quite decent and chic.

14. Incredible Dissolving Plastic Bag

Dissolving Plastic Bag
This is one of the coolest green design on the block. This clever packaging is very Eco friendly and appealing. Would you believe that the packaging would degrade itself within a few minute n water? This green packaging needs to be immersed in water for disposal. The harmless dissolve can be used for almost any purpose. It leaves no harmful residue and degrades readily.

15. The green packaging 60 Bag

Green Packaging 60 Bag

The 60 bag comes with a promise to its user. It is definitely the best answer to the environmental needs. These biodegradable bags are manufactured using flax-viscose fabric which is made using industrial waste. It does not exploit any natural resource during manufacturing stage and readily gets disposed.

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