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15 Creative ways to recycle old books

Recycle old books

The growing demand to protect environment from degradation has prompted many people to look for ways to recycle and reuse materials that are unwanted or considered nothing more than garbage. One such material which is normally considered useless or trash after reading is book, especially textbooks and activity books.

But we can recycle our old books and try to reuse them instead of putting them in garbage.

Here are 15 creative ways to recycle old books.

1. Desk made from recycled books

Desk Made From Recycled Books

Some creative minds have recycled used books to make a colorful desk which is place at the library in Delft University of Technology. The beautiful front desk has been designed after the fire which burnt a portion of the library. The desk is made up of recycled books, magazines, and journals.

2. Old books Chandeliers

Old books Chandeliers

Have you ever thought that old books can be recycled to design spectacular chandeliers? Some creative brains have done it by designing beautiful chandeliers using just old books. The chandeliers are priced at around $470.

3. Bookstool


Young interior designer Liron Atlas deserves credit for an ecofriendly stool using old unused books. The idea to design this unique stool came to Atlas’ mind when he was visiting a library in Tel Aviv. During his visit, Atlas saw several old books lying in the library and he took those unused books after seeking permission of the library officials to come up with Bookstool.

4. Jonathan calan book art

Jonathan calan book art

Jonathan Callan has new form of art or book art using unused, old books. Callan displayed his new and attractive form of art in 2008 at the Brussels Art Fair. The art attracted many viewers and it showed that we come up with spectacular things using something as simple as books.

5. Bookshelves out of old books

Bookshelves out of old books

The credit for designing book shelves using old books goes to Jim Rosenau. The inspiration to design these unique book shelves came to Jim’s mind after he read an essay titled ‘Books as Furniture’ by Nicholson Baker. You can place custom orders to Jim and he will design a book shelf as per your requirements.

6. Book coffee table

Book coffee table

Richard Hutton has designed a coffee table using old books. The design is pretty simple but the idea is definitely creative and Hutton deserves full credit for creating a unique table.The four legs of the table are made using fat books and the center part of the table has three rows of books placed over each other.

7. Book Cell

Book Cell

Slovakian artist Matej Kren has designed the Book Cell, an octagonal building, constructed using old books. You can watch this unique creation at the Modern Art Center in Lisboa. The Book Cell was first installed in 2006. Matej has created this beautiful piece of art by using books borrowed from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

8. Book planters

Book planters

Italian design company Gartenkultur has used old books to creative decorative pieces called Book Planters. The planters can be created easily using a fat book or several slim books. In a planter, a hole is drilled inside the book and soil is filled in this hole. The designer has used isolation material to prevent books from getting wet.

9. Book bag

Book bag

Caitlin, a creative mind working at Rebound Designs, has designed a book bag using the cover of the old books. Caitlin has handcrafted each bag herself. The spine of the book is used to construct the purse’s bottom and the finishing of the sides is done using fabric. The bag is priced at around $120.

10. Book vases

Book vases

London-based designer Laura Cahill has used unwanted books to create vases and furniture. Cahill has removed the profiles of the books and test tubs are wrapped under the spines to prevent the vases from getting damaged by the water.

11. Book lamp

Book lamp

Designers at Netherlands-based design shop Atelier Bomdesign have used books to create beautiful lamp shades. These Booklamps are designed in such a way that they give brilliant lights where the lighting is soft.

12. Book bookshelf

Book Book shelf

Designed by Yann Martel and Nick Hornby, the Book bookshelf is created using old books. Martel and Hornby have bounded together several books to design a bookshelf which can be used to store books. It is interesting to note that the length of the bookshelf is adjustable and the designers say that they can adjust the length as per the requirements of specific users.

13. Book rocking chair

Book Rocking Chair

The book rocking chair is created by Stephanie Hartman, a web specialist at the Barker Engineering Library. Hartman has built this beautiful decorative piece using 98 copies of the 2002-03 MIT Faculty and Staff Directory. Hartman has used bolt rods and compression to hold the chair together.

14. Erdem book lamp

Erdem book lamp

Ragip Erdem of Erdem Designs deserves credit for designing a book lamp using old books covers and spines. Erdem has carefully crafted each book and no two lamps have same design. The book lamp is totally sustainable and ecofriendly because it has been designed only by books.The look of this book lamp is stylish.

15. Phone book coffee table

Phone Book Coffee Table

Brazilian designer Rodrigo Jaroseski deserves credit for creating Phone Book Coffee Table. Jaroseski has used old phone books to create this unique coffee table by gluing pages of several phonebooks together.

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