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15 most amazing products made from recycled tennis balls

15 most amazing products made from recycled tennis balls

A tennis ball is a ball used during the tennis sport. They are usually bright green or yellow in color. Tennis balls come covered with a fluffy felt which helps in modifying the balls aerodynamic properties. But once spoiled, they become out of use. And if you play tennis, you might have loads of them with you. It is stated that more than 300 million golf balls are get useless in the United States each year. Now you must be wondering what can be done with this good for nothing balls? Yes these discarded tennis balls can be of great use to use; actually it can be recycled and reused in more than 47 ways.

1. Tennis ball chair: You can build a chair made of tennis ball making use of an existing chair frame. However, in place of using cushions, make a grid of 25 tennis balls that is placed in each for the seat cushion as well as backrest. Each ball rests in a hole that is cut into the oak plywood, which will keep them in place.

15 most amazing products made from recycled tennis balls

2. Tennis ball stool: You can also make a stool out of these tennis balls. You will require around 117 recycled balls, which will be strung together in rows neatly. Later support it with four steel legs. If you would not give it a slight curve, one might mistake it for a side table. You can also add a glass top over it if required. This cool tennis ball stool can be the center of attraction in your office or living room.

15 most amazing products made from recycled tennis balls

3. Pingpong ball lamp: Tennis balls can be used to make a ping pong ball lamp with 9.6 inches length and 24.9 inches diameter. Making this lamp will need around several hundred ping pong or tennis balls. The resultant piece can be used as a nice lamp at your dining table. You can decide whether to hang it from the ceiling or attach using a stand.

15 most amazing products made from recycled tennis balls

4. Science projects: Your child’s science projects can need tennis balls, jelly donuts and softballs to demonstrate the shape and forces inside the molecular structures.

5. Tennis ball squirt gun: A tennis ball has a variety of purposes, including squirt gun, water bottle and ammunition. To create the tennis ball squirt, you have to stab the ball using a sharp object. Squeeze it to make a hole. Now hold this under a faucet to fill water. Every time you squeeze it a 10 feet long jet comes out.

6. Tennis ball flower: Use your creativity to make a flower out of tennis ball. Make a rose from the ball and attach a wire filled with candy or a small gift to it. You can either use this flower for decoration or give it to someone as a gift. This could be a nice DIY gift.

15 most amazing products made from recycled tennis balls

7. Beer pong table: These tennis balls can make you another piece of furniture. Use around 150 tennis balls to make a table. You can also make section in it using 75 balls in each section.

15 most amazing products made from recycled tennis balls

8. Make head for puppets and dolls: All you will need is to slit the ball in between for mouth and draw eyes and nose to make it look like a puppet. Further you can add hairs to it and decorate it as you want.

9. Use to store items: Cut the ball into half and use it to keep rubber bands, paper clips and even craft supplies. This will also reduce the mess on your study table as well as reduce time in looking out for things.

10. Use as anchors: Fill-up some tennis balls with stones or sand and tie them up to balloons and umbrellas. This will prevent them from flying away.

11. Make into bird feeders: Cut the ball into half and use it to feed birds with grains and water.

12. Handy pool cleaners: If you got a pool at home, then put some tennis balls in it. The balls will absorb all the oils from swimmers. But you will need to replace the balls every week and you can later on reuse those balls.

13. Stop snoring: Yes! Tennis balls can do that as well. Hook a ball in the center of your back. This will prevent you sleeping on your back and at the same time stop snoring.

14. Duster in high places: You would not need to buy expensive swifters any more. Just attach a ball to a long stick and use it to wipe all cobwebs away.

15. Use in the garage as a car marker: Do you find it difficult to park your car in the perfect place every time? Now your waste tennis balls can help you with it. Hang a tennis ball from the ceiling to identify exactly when to stop your car.

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