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10 smart ways to recycle food waste

Recycling food waste

Food waste is recyclable and hence instead of throwing away the leftover coffee grounds, green leafy vegetable wastes, leftover food waste, you can use it in many ways. What happens when you throw it away? It goes to dump yards and they put it in a already overflowing pit. Instead, you can create your own dump pit and make use of these left over foods and create compost or a natural fertilizer for your garden. There are lot many ways one can use fruit peels, vegetable leaves, citrus fruit rinds, shells of fruits, dried up vegetables and more. You can get creative and invent your own ideas to reuse food waste. Here are 10 such ways you can use your food waste in the most green way and reuse it for good purposes:

1. Make compost

Leftover food waste and vegetable throw away can make great compost for your garden. All you need to do is make a pit for putting this compost in, in your garden and throw all food waste in it everyday. Make sure you don’t add meat leftovers as that can call for animals in your garden. As food waste is biodegradable, it will rot and mix with the soil to make great compost. This compost is very good for growing vegetables and even other plants in your garden. Add small portions of this compost to your garden soil and mix well. See how your garden flourishes in no time.

2. Give to neighbors compost pit

If you have a small house and cannot make a compost pit yourself, you can hand the waste to your neighbors compost pit. Again no meat should be thrown in. Some farmers also have large compost pits, they can pick it up from you or you can hand it over to them once a week.

3. Organic waste recyclers

You can take your grass cuttings, dried leaves, food wastes to the organic waste recyclers in the town. These are places in the town which collect all the organic waste and recycle them. You can even have a recyclers bin installed in your house, where you can throw all the food waste and the authorities responsible for recycling will collect it once or twice a week.

4. Fruit peels pots

When you like gardening, you would have to sow the seeds to make a seedling. These seedlings need to be taken care off while growing. Use fruit peels like the shell of the watermelon or avocado peels with the pulp removed, etc to plant your seeds in. Once the seedling grows, the peels can be used as the compost when you plant it in the garden.

5. Make potpourri

Why waste money on buying potpourri from the market when you can make it at home? Use all the possible fruit peels and rinds which remain after you have consumed the fruit and dry them either in the sun or a food dryer. Then crush it and add the flavor of your choice. Your homemade potpourri is ready.

6. Keep slugs away

Garden slugs tend to eat up your favorite plants and their roots. Hence instead of throwing away groundnut shells or egg shells, you can place them around your plants stem on the soil. garden slugs cannot climb them due to the rough surface and hence won’t affect your plants.

7. Polish brass and copper

Lemon and lime contain citric acid and the peel contains more of it. You can use the leftover peels to rub copper or brass items. They will bring a great shine and clean these things very well.

8. Easter Eggs dye

Easter eggs are always colored with artificial colors which can be harmful for your body. Instead boil the eggs with a few onion skins. The eggs will get a dark yellow or orange color. No need of those artificial food colors and your throw away onion skins got used as well.

9. Peanut Shells for grilling

Barbeque grilling needs a lot of coal and fuel to keep it burning for long. Instead use peanut shells. Soak them in water in advance and dry them a bit before use and put them over your coal in the grill. They burn for a long time and keep the fire going.

10. Bird houses from gourds

You can use left over large sized gourds. Dry them and treat them for smell. Make them hollow and use as bird houses in your garden.

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