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10 Products made using recycled cigarette butts

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When one thinks of the word recycling, it is newspapers, cardboard, glass, steel, aluminium foil, aluminium cans and plastic bottles that instantly come to mind. These are the common recyclable materials. But off late a new item – cigarette butt – has been added to the list. Researchers have found good use of cigarette butts which lie on streets and foul the environment. Cigarette butts can be recycled into various products ranging from clothes, chairs, cars to coffins. Here are 10 products which can be made with recycled cigarette butts. These include a portrait, carpet, dresses, pillows, camel head, chair, coffin, clothing, a car, and a big pacifier.

1. Serge Gainsbourg’s portrait

Serge Gainsbourg's portrait

Swiss street artist Jinks Kunst, who is popular for his stencil artworks, created Serge Gainbourg, the French singer’s portrait with more than 20,000 cigarette filters. A diehard fan of the singer, Kunst collected cigarette butts from streets for the past three years in order to make his unique portrait. He used over 20,394 used cigarette butts to create his portrait which is currently kept for display in Nantes.

2. Cigarette Butts Carpet

Cigarette Butts Carpet

Jesus Bubu Negron, a Puerto Rican artist, had commissioned street cleaners for collecting used cigarette butts with the help of which he made a carpet. The carpet has been made with both the white as well as the yellow portion of the cigarette. Its design is similar to that of woven textile rugs.

3. Cigarette Butts Clothing

Cigarette Butts Clothing

Alexandra Guerrero, Chilean fashion designer, created something quite fashionable. She has recycled used cigarette butts into stylish clothing including a dress, poncho, hat, sweater and soaps. 5000 cigarette butts have been utilized in the process. The durability of these clothes is similar to that of regular woollen garments.

4. Cigarette Butts Pillow

Cigarette butts Pillow

This is another innovative product made of cigarette butts. This hand sewn pillow has been made of cigarette butts, few buttons and thread.

5. Big Pacifier Made From Cigarette Butts

Big Pacifier Made of Cigarette Butts

Used cigarette butts found lying in the streets can also be used for making big pacifier. A huge baby pacifier made of cigarette butts is situated beside the greenway towards Edgewood Drive which had been constructed and erected for public art project.

6. Cigarette Butts Dress

Cigarette Butts dress

Parisian designer Flore Garcia Bour created a smoking dress which has completely been made out of discarded cigarette butts. The 22 year old Bour picked up cigarette butts from streets and stitched them into a smoking dress. She also highlighted on the fact that decomposing a butt takes a long time. She is hoping that her dress shocks as well as makes smokers aware of the harm they invite by throwing their cigarette butts away which degrade within 12 years at the worst or 18 months at the best. Bour’s recently stitched dress will not have the foul smell of the cigarette butts with which they have been made. For warding off the foul smell from the dress, Bour treated them.

7. Camel Head Made From Cigarette Butts

camel head made from cigarette butts

A camel head made from used cigarette butts was the center of attraction at All Student Exhibition which caught people’s eye. This camel head was made with Camel cigarette butts and not ordinary cigarette butts. The best part of this sculpture is that it does not stink.

8. Cigarette Butt Car

Cigarette Butt Car

What can be more innovative and interesting than a car made of cigarette butts. One cannot imagine how many cigarette butts have been used for making this art car totally covered in butts.

9. Cigarette Butts Coffin

Cigarette Butts Coughin

This coffin has been made with ten thousand used cigarette butts while its handles are made of cigars. It is a full size coffin which is 7 foot long and has 6 sides.

10. John Runnels Cigarette Chair

John Runnels cigarette chair

Runnels always produces attractive work and his works are worth looking at. His cigarette chair made with thousands of cigarette butts was a treat to the eyes.

Apart from the above mentioned products, recycled cigarette butts are also used for making a couple of other products. These include Filter Rabbit designed by Tom Deininger, Al Hansen’s work of art Venus, Cigarette Butt Billboards, and for conveying anti-smoking messages. Sharad Haskar, photographer cum artist, who believes that smoking kills made use of thousands of used cigarette butts in various orders, and also photographed them for conveying strong anti-smoking messages. Few of his designs includes cross bone, drug injection and a skull.

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