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10 most stunning and sustainable spiraling towers

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We generally look skywards for hope when things go wrong and despondency overpowers our rightful maneuvers. With ever-increasing population, rising pollution level, global warming, limited residential spaces and impending food crisis, we (commoners, researchers and architects) are doing it on a more frequent basis now. Amid all these valid concerns, sustainable skyscrapers have been spiraling somewhere there on the horizon to offer a timely respite from these sweltering quandaries. Here we have listed some spiraling sustainable skyscrapers that epitomize green architectural practices while letting you catch a glimpse of future technology:

Strata Tower, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Designer: Asymptote Architecture.

• Strata Tower’s articulate, striking physical presence seeks to encapsulate meaning through the use of abstract form drawn from both local cultural landscapes and motifs and dynamic forces of global influence.

• The exoskeleton veils the entire tower in a shimmering curvilinear form set against Abu Dhabi’s surrounding desert and sea, embracing and reflecting the ever-changing light and atmospheres that enfold and contain it. More here.

strata tower abu dhabi uae 1

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Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers, Nagoya City, Japan

Architects: Nikken Sekkei Ltd.

• The towers’ wing-like shape, narrow at the top, changes the rotation axis as they rise and create an organic curve.

• Spiral Towers appears to change shape slightly when viewed from different angles, giving an elegant yet dynamic impression. More here.

mode gakuen spiral towers nagoya city japan 1

mode gakuen spiral towers nagoya city japan 2

Mangal City Spiraling Skyscraper, London, UK

Architect: Chimera

• Chimera mimics the flexible shape of a mangrove tree to fashion or simply to propose some spiraling skyscrapers for the beautiful city of London.

• Mangal City consists of modular pod capsules that have biomimetic principles at their core. More here.

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mangal city spiraling skysrapers

Solar Powered Skyscraper

Architect: Kenneth Loh and Michelle Lim.

• This project is an investigation for a new urban prototype of solar powered towers.

• The entire façade is covered with a thin membrane of solar cells and a water collector system. More here.

solar powered skyscraper by kenneth loh and michel

solar powered skyscraper by kenneth loh and michel

Spiral Tower, Berlin, Germany

Architect: Philipp von Bock.

• The Spiral Tower is a family friendly skyscraper inspired by the advantages of living in the suburbs.

• It will provide a green community in the middle of Berlin for families who desire the best of both worlds. More here.

spiral tower berlin germany 1

spiral tower berlin germany 2

Edgar Street Towers, Lower Manhattan, New York City, US

Architect: IwamotoScott.

• Edgar Street Towers responds to its immediate site context while establishing a strong relationship to the larger urban form of Manhattan.

• The atrium deploys bio-filtration terrariums occupying hollow spaces within the floors, thus acting as the building’s lungs to provide clean air to its occupants. More here.

edgar street towers by iwamotoscott 1

edgar street towers by iwamotoscott 2

Oasis Tower, Zabeel Park, Dubai

Designer: Rahul Surin.

• The tower would provide a solution for urban farming and sustainable housing.

• It will be able to provide food enough to feed 40,000 people each year. More here.

oasis tower 1

oasis tower 2

Za’abeel Park Observation Tower

Architect: XTEN Architecture.

• Several hundred square meters of thin film photovoltaic solar will clad the horizontal planes of the upper petal roofs and the Southern, Western and Eastern exposures of the tower.

• Geothermal cooling and ventilation will serve these program areas. All the water used on the site will be recycled, and the majority of the building materials will come from recycled sources. More here.

zaabeel park observation tower 1

zaabeel park observation tower 2

Fog Tower, Atacama Desert, Chile

Designers: Alberto Fernandez and Susana Ortega.

• Fog Tower absorbs and channels water from its mist enshrouded environs.

• Standing 400 meters tall, Fernandez and Ortega’s seaside spire is a cloud catching marvel that stands to harvest airborne water molecules in the Huasco River valley. More here.

fog tower 1 7071

fog tower 2 7071

Helix Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Architect: Leeser Architecture.

• The five-star hotel is designed to partially float in water, while the remaining part rests on the bay.

• The hotel features an indoor waterfall that maintains a cozy temperature using the natural source. More here.

helix hotel abu dhabi 1

helix hotel abu dhabi 2

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