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10 interesting furniture items made from recycled materials

Tables Made From Recycled Materials

If you are an environment conscious person and looking for options to revamp your house, then look no further. Recycled furniture is the best choice for you. But, as there are thousands of furniture items available made form reclaimed materials, it is important to look for the ones that are not just eco-friendly but have a fantastic appearance too as it is equally important for the furniture item to look good. Moreover, creativity should be in terms of the material that makes up the furniture and the design. Eco-friendly furniture items are on high demand these days. They don’t just help keep the environment clean, but also look super-cool. Let us see how useless stuff can help embellish your home or office:

1. Table made from recycled materials

Unusual Table

Designed by artists for humanity, these tables are made up entirely from magazines and other waste materials. They are covered with an eco-friendly resin that prevents water from entering the framework of the furniture item. These are available in different sizes and shapes ranging from $300-$600. Undoubtedly, they are appealing enough to capture the attention of your visitors.

2. FlexibleLove furniture

FlexibleLove furniture

FlexibleLove furniture are curvaceous pieces of architecture that exhibit ‘accordion-like, honeycomb’ structure to present fantastic furniture material. These are durable pieces and are made from recycled products like paper and reclaimed wood waste. Their manufacturing has considerably less impact on the environment because they are prepared by pre-existing manufacturing process.

3. Tables Made From Recycled Materials

Tables Made From Recycled Materials

Made from salvaged wood, used book and other recycled materials, these tables are an exquisite piece of art with legs made out of baseball bats held upright, table tops made out of books with beautiful hard cover. These tables and chairs serves perfect as coffee tables for their short size and height. The only drawback could be their cost that can be as high as $400.

4. Office furniture made from Recycled materials

Office furniture made with recycled materials

Designed exclusively for offices, these are entirely recyclable pieces of furniture and are made out of used products. Paper tubes are used to design the framework and make the structure of furniture, while durable matt gloss is used on the surface. Innovation has never been so promising.

5. Eclectic Furniture Made from Recycled Materials

Eclectic Furniture Made from Recycled Materials

Made to diffuse vibrancy in the milieu, these furniture items are used and forgotten pieces of furniture or fabric that are no more in use now. These items then undergo considerable improvisation and up gradation to attain an entirely new look that blazes others’ hearts with envy.

6. Billboard And Traffic Signs, Recycled For A Green Furniture

Billboard And Traffic Signs, Recycled For A Green Furniture

Did you ever think that the billboards and traffic signals thrown of use could be potentially harmful to the environment? Boris Bally’s furniture designed from billboards and traffic signals- armchairs, transit chairs, coffee and side tables- are entirely hand-made and environment-friendly since they do not employ the usage of machinery.

7. Crazy Ray’s amazing furniture made from recycled material

Crazy Ray's amazing furniture made from recycled material

Crazy Ray’s immaculate display of creativity and artistry bring to you innovative furniture that includes the usage of old auto parts molded into lounging furniture items and with an automotive theme. Known for their beauty and comfort, they are put to shape to feature an entirely different product by expert metalworkers. These reduce carbon footprints. An aesthetic chair made out of rear view mirrors and a lounge set with a table made from BMW hood speaks volumes of the creativity.

8. Garden furniture by Bysteel

Garden furniture by Bysteel

Made exclusively to match the elegance of nature’s virtue of beauty, the Garden furniture by Bysteel, crafted in Forli, is a collection of elegantly designed, delicate-looking and comfortable furniture items in white that find a perfect spot among plants. These are made of recycled materials. What’s special? These can be recycled too!

9. Eco-chair


John Wiegand-Forson’s pieces of furniture are a beautiful amalgamation of art and science. They exhibit designs made from old bicycle frames that look sleek and fit the choice of style and beauty incorporated into a chair.

10. d-Bodhi’s Eco-Furniture made from recycled Jeans

d-Bodhi’s Eco-Furniture made from recycled Jeans

d-Bodhi’s unique concept of recycling denim jeans and T-shirts by providing a chic style to furniture has earned it accolades. With around 13 exclusive models of table, wall and floor lamps with graffiti to render stylish look to the furniture pieces that sate your senses with heavy doses of modern art.

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