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10 Innovative curtains designed to conserve energy

Curtains are primarily meant to avert sunlight and heat from entering our rooms. Draping over the windows and doors curtains secure us. Here we talk about ten innovative curtains that can conserve energy in various ways. There are curtains embedded with solar cells to produce energy in sunlight and use it in dark for lighting. Many other curtain designs are there to preserve energy. Get through the article to see ten best curtains for preserving energy:

1. Energy Curtain

Energy Curtain

Curtains are mainly used to stop daylight and heat entering the rooms. Energy Curtain, from a team of industrial designers like Carolin Müller, Johan Redström, Linda Worbin, Margot Jacobs and Ramia Mazé, has another great function. The curtain is designed to harvest power from sunlight and heat in daytime. And in the night, the light-emitting stuffs in the inner part of the curtain will glow powered by the stored power. As a result, your room will have natural light round the clock.

2. Solar curtain SunTiles

Solar curtain SunTiles

SunTiles is solar-powered curtain to heat up your rooms in winter days. Astrid Krogh has designed SunTiles recycling unused solar panels. Integrating abandoned photovoltaic cells with a curtain, she has developed this spectacular natural heating system. Solar panels are woven with the curtain, thus you get two birds for a single shot. In other words, you can enjoy natural green heat inside your room and keep sunlight away from rooms in daytime.

3. Solar Modules

Solar modules

Solar Module is a LED-embedded solar ceramic tile that you can use to form a curtain for windows in your home. Guys at the Integral Studio Vinaccia have designed the Solar Module with a purpose to place solar cells inside the house. You can use a set of Solar Modules to form solar curtain for your windows. It will help you in two ways; first to ward off sunlight and heat in daytime and secondly to illuminate your homes in night with the harvested power.

4. Solar Curtains

Solar Curtains

Some Shine is a wonderful solar curtain concept, which you can use to harvest power in daytime. You can use Some Shine to prevent sunlight and heat entering your house in sunny days. The solar cells-featured curtain, at the same, time harvests power and stores it in a charging base. This power can be used to charge your smartphones, tablets and LED lamps in dark. You again get two benefits with the solar curtain.

5. Soft House

Soft House

Architect Sheila Kennedy has worked out amazing solar cells-embedded textiles. Using the power generating textiles, Kennedy and her team from KVA Matx has developed the Soft House, a structure that can produce up to 16,000 watt-hours of power. She deployed the textiles to design curtains and other materials. They can harvest power from sunlight and heat in daytime and illuminate lights in the dark.

6. Eco-leaf Shade

Eco-leaf Shade

Eco-leaf Shade is a unique power harvesting curtain for your windows. What makes Eco-leaf Shade different from others is its E ink and OLED lamps in form of leaves. The high-tech window covering can harvest power from sunlight and heat. It also secures you from sunlight and heat in daytime. At night, the OLED lamps inside the curtain illuminate using the power reaped in daytime. The technology is designed to reduce your carbon footprint.

7. Grommet-Top Insulated Curtains

Top Insulated Curtains

Grommet-top insulated curtain is incredible energy saving window coverings. The linen and cotton mixed curtain ensures cool and warm temperature in your room. It can shield you from sunlight in summer and cold in winter. The curtain with two linings also looks great. Along with beauty, you can now save energy bill using Grommet-top insulated curtain in your rooms.

8. Energy Saving Blackout Curtain

Blackout Curtain

It is an energy saving curtain. The eco-friendly curtain can darken any room at any time of the day. It will help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. As well, you can block sunlight and noise pollution by draping the blackout curtain on your windows. The energy saving blackout curtain comes in 84 and 63 inch length and it is priced at $54.99. You have a variety of colors to choose from.

9. Thermal Backed Tuscan Blackout Curtain

Tuscan Blackout Curtain

Tucson Blackout curtain is yet another brilliant window covering that you can use to optimize warmth in your rooms. The curtain provides a grandeur look for your rooms along with keeping cold, sunlight and noise pollution away. The window curtain is designed with energy-efficient Thermatic lining. It means you can save energy costs using the blackout curtain that can block 99-percent of outside light.

10. Thermalogic Energy Efficient Curtain

Tab-Top Curtain

Thermalogic Energy Efficient Insulated Solid Tab-Top Curtain is made from 100 percent cotton. The curtain is rich with woven texture similar to sailcloth. The major purpose of the curtain is to secure your rooms from sunlight, cold and noise pollution. Intelligent usage of the Thermalogic Energy Efficient curtain in your house will help you cut down power bills largely. The curtain can always keep your rooms in optimal warmness.

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