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10 Green products designed to conserve energy

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These days there is a buzz across the globe calling for energy saving. It is interesting to note that we can save considerable amount of energy using smart electrical gadgets and taking precaution while using sources of energy. These days many companies and individuals are busy developing energy saving devices and these devices are finding many takers. Some companies have manufactured devices that can check the energy consumed. Some devices are designed to save energy automatically.

It is expected that in future these energy saving devices would replace machines that are not energy efficient. Here is the list of 10 green products designed to conserve energy.

1. Intelligent monitoring and action taking power saving devices

Energy saving device

This energy saving device is the brainchild of Portuguese designer Pedro Rodrigues. The device won the Global Live EDGE award in 2009. The device tracks the energy consumed by your appliances and it also saves energy by taking necessary action automatically. An advanced micro-controller is fitted in the device to monitor the energy being consumed by appliances.

2. Elegant and efficient energy saving device

smart switch

Consumption Feedback Switch is different from the switches that are fitted in our homes because this switch helps us save energy. The switch allows us to know if we have used our gadget properly or not. A flashing light is produced by the switch. The light is produced with a sparkle and we can judge from the intensity of spark that whether we have used the power properly or misused it.

3. Discover power saving with Energenie

clipboard energy saver

Energenie helps to avoid energy wastage by appliances left in standby mode. The Standby Shutdown application used in Energenie switches off the power to appliances left on standby automatically. Energenie is worth GBP 12.99.

4. Power cord reveals power consumption

power cord

Designer Anton Gustafsson and Magnus Gyllensward deserve credit for giving the world Power Cord, which can visualize electric power. The Power Cord allows the user to envision about the power consumed. The cord is lighted up when the appliances consume energy and the brightness of the light in the cord is directly proportional to the amount of power consumed by the appliances.

5. Glowing Socket keeps tab on power consumption

glowing socket

Shane Ellis and Terry Brown have designed ‘Glowing Socket’ which keeps tab on power consumption by our household appliances. A LED is fitted in the socket that glows when current is drawn from it. The intensity of the glow depends on the amount of current. The glow reminds user to switch off the appliance when it is not in use.

6. AlertMes smart plug

AlertMes smart plug

Smart Plug is launched by AlertMe. The device is very helpful in monitoring the energy consumption and the best part is that you can keep a tab on your energy consumption from a particular outlet. All you need to do is plug this device into the particular outlet. The plug is priced at $50.

7. Proxim self powered energy saver

Proxim self powered energy saver

Proxim is designed by Paul Scarfe. This energy saving device is different from other energy savers available in the market because it uses a micro-generator to generate energy for itself. Proxim uses RFID technology and its price is not very high.

8. Trickle Star’s energy saver

Trickle Star’s energy saver

This energy saving device manufactured by Trickle Star can reduce the energy wastage due to standby mode by switching off all computer-attached peripherals if they are not in use. The company claims that this device can help save up to up to $50 or 12% electricity.

9. Sticord user-friendly plug concept

Sticord user-friendly plug

Industrial designer Dongyeon Kim has come up with the Sticord, an innovative concept that helps save energy. Kim has fitted an indicator in Sticord that allows the user to know if the device requires electricity or not. A yellow light will be shown in the device if electricity is passing through but the device is disconnected. The indicator will show blue light if the device is switched on.

10. Device that can automatically cut off power when you are away: E-pick


The E-pick designed and built by industrial designer Hyun is definitely one of the best energy saving devices as it switches off power when the user is away. Hyun has fitted sensors in the device, which can recognize the presence of people. It will turns off all appliances automatically if everyone is away.

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