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10 Electric sportscars designed for green highways

Electric Sports car

The car freak population is well aware of the electric cars that are hitting the roads at present. These utilitarian machines have parallel level of performance as that of normal cars. The most advantageous part of these vehicles are that they are kinder to the environment. The electricity run engines cause the least or no harmful emission at all. The mileage given is at par with all the diesel run cars, with only one exception that when charged out, it needs to per recharged again. Thus, these are the perfect dream machines for green highways. If you think these are really interesting, you can have a look at some of these electric cars designed for green highways:

1. Varley evR450

Varley evR450

The Varley evR450 is the latest creation of the renowned Australia based car manufacturer, Varley Electric Vehicles. This car, which is conceptually and financially a child of this Aussie car maker, is in the attempt of capturing both the domestic and the international market. The exception of this car from that of the other cars of the same manufacturer is that the technology of the car is entirely Australia based, where two more Australian companies, Ultramotive and Tritium joined the bandwagon. The first car of this model that was presented at the third annual Australian Electric Vehicle Conference presented the bright yellow colored machine with butterfly doors. It is expected to render an acceleration of 1000Nm of torque and 300kW or power at peak. The mileage offered is as much as 150 kms when fully charged. The featherlight exterior surface, made from composite materials makes the gross weight of the car along with the motor as 40 kilos only. It has been priced at $213,200.

2. e-WOLF’s Alpha-2

e-WOLF’s Alpha-2

Initially a concept, but now ready to hit the road, e-WOLF’s Alpha-2 is a noteworthy effort in the world of green cars by the newbie Germany based car maker, e-Wolf GmbH. This electric car comprises of two electric motors that are capable of generating a combined power of 400KW. The 900kgs weight and the length of 1.2 meters of this electric vehicle makes it resemble the most prestigious Italian sports cars like Ferrari Enzo and Lamborghini Reventon. It can hit the maximum torque of 1000 kilometers in just 3.9 seconds and offers a power of 300 kilometers on a single charge.

3. JJAD’s P1E


This electric car, conceptualized by Jim Dowle, the former employee of McLaren, the famous car maker, is marked by its lightweight body structure of 1050 kgs which is made from hybrid aluminum carbon fiber and comprises of two body panels. It is powered by two lithium ion batteries and can generate a power of 390hp and torque of 590 lb-ft. It just takes 2.9 seconds to shoot up from 0 to 60 mph and offers a top speed of 130 mph. Once full charged, it covers a distance of 200 miles without any halt. The company is working full fledged now to launch 500 units of the car model on a commercial scale.

4. Delta E-4 Coupe

Delta E-4 Coupe

This all electric car is a prestigious creation of the British car maker, Delta Motorsport, which can leave behind other cars of its type by its fascinating speed of 150 mph. The streamlined, compact body renders the much sought after classical aesthetic look of the vehicle. The carbon composite material of its exterior and the aerodynamic framework with weight of 85 kgs make it lightweight but sturdy, which runs over 200 miles with a single charge. It can trigger up from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds.

5. Gordon Murray’s Teewave AR.1

Gordon Murray's Teewave AR.1

This astounding electric sports car is a joint venture of Torray Industries and Gordon Murray Design Limited. The carbon fiber body and the carbon monocoque chassis impart a lightweight framework of only 850 kgs to this vehicle. Powered by lithium ion battery pack, it accommodates two persons at a time. This battery pack has a life of 115 miles on a single charge and takes six hours to get fully charged. Offering a top speed of 91 mph, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in 11.4 seconds.

6. Artega SE

Artega SE

This electric car has two sturdy electric motors on the rear axle, which gives an output of 280 kW. It shots from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 250 km/h. It gives a mileage of 200 km under normal driving circumstances. The super sleek body weighs only 310 kgs and is powered by 16 lithium ion battery module.

7. America


Named as America, this zero emission green car is designed by Venturi, the renowned French car maker. It has a power of over 300 HP and torque of 300 Nm, which is produced by the 54 KW lithium polymer battery. The highest speed achieved by this two seated car is 180 kph. It takes about eight hours to get about 80 percent charge.

8. 2012 K1 Evelio

2012 K1 Evelio

Built on the lines of Tesla Roadster and Fisker Karma, this British electric car is a great fuel saving device. Still in the concept stage and yet to hit the market, this car is supposed to hit a top speed of 90mph and produce power of 200 BHP. It will take only 3.2 seconds to speed up from 0 to 60 mph. The fiberglass exterior has aluminum and steel detailing and runs on phosphate based lithium ion battery.

9. Lampo


This electric sports car has a top speed of 200 kmph and reaches from 0 to 100 kmph within 5 seconds. The carbon fiber body comprises of two electric motors that have a torque of 440Nm and a power of 268 hp. The in built intelligent charger provides options to the user in the form of maximum charge, earliest charge, charging status, etc.

10. Burton


This is being referred to as the most sustainable sport scar of the recent times. It is powered by both a 16k Wh lithium iron phosphate battery and a 25 kW electric motor, it can run up to 87 miles with a speed of 72 mph when fully charged. It also has a torque of 89 lb-ft. The design of this car can be modified according to the preferences of the customer and is intended for high end customers.

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