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10 Creative reuses of plastic bottle caps

Reuses of plastic bottle cap

“Plastics are recyclable” – it is a fact that we all are aware of. But do you even know that plastics caps can be of use even without recycling them. All these years’ bottle caps had the only purpose of preventing leakage of the liquids.

But you will be surprised to know that bottle caps do have much more applications. Other than plastic bottles, their caps would be other most produced objects on this planet.

Here are some multifunctional creations made from bottle caps. The designers have made use of bottle caps to create everything ranging from camera tripods to lighting fixtures.

1. Bottle cap timepieces

Bottle cap timepiece

This is a Cute as well as an ecofriendly creation that can be of an important use to everyone. The designer Alison Davidson’s creation Clockpops shows how creatively and elegantly plastic bottle caps can be used. This timepiece like any other, shows time but what makes it different is how the components are put together to make it. You can find these timepieces in a variety of designs ranging from retro, colorful clocks to feminine ones and that too at prices that range from $15 to $25.

2. Furniture from bottle caps

Furniture from bottle cap

These discarded plastic bottle caps can also beautify your home décor amazingly. The designer, Rick Ladd stacks the beverage tops to make one of the best astounding mirror frames, cabinets, and chairs. The artist has taken inspiration from Burmese temples and grottos as well as sculptural environments.

3. Bottle cap planters

Bottle cap planter

You won’t believe that all the bottle caps that lie around can be used as mini planters. But you must be wondering what kinds of plant would grow in these tiny planters. The Merry Farming Kit allows you this freedom as well. You can grow your vegetables and with less of space. The Farming Kit has everything required to get your own farm running. It provides both seeds as well as soil.

4. Upcycled trash toys

Upcycled trash toy

Artist Rupert Valero had made splendid action figures by making use of Bottle Caps. These action figures are US soldiers made from bottle caps. The size of these toys vary based on the materials used to make it. The action figures have around four to six inches of height and have completely movable limbs.

5. Recycled creations

Recycled creation

Yoav Kotik, an Israeli designer makes use of metal bottle caps to make stunning chandeliers, jewelry, sculpture as well as other fanciful goodies. Just by bending, cutting, folding, and pressing the designer makes beautiful things out of these caps.

6. Bottle cap tripods

Bottle cap tripod

Finally this creation will help you Screw Your Digital Camera to a Bottle. You all must have always wished to balance your camera on a bottle. Well you can now do that without having to worry about your camera falling on the ground. The bottle cap tripod easily fits bottles that have diameters around 28.5 to 30.5 mm. It costs around $19.95 and is ideal for taking self portraits as well as for taking night shots.

7. Cute Eco Jewelry

Cute Eco Jewelry

Recycling is always on the go, but these days creative recycling has more demand. Creative artist Christine Esposito has used her creativity to recycling things to make cute jewelry items for kids. Aren’t they too cute?

8. Bottle cap portraits

Bottle cap portrait

You can also make portraits out of bottle caps. Yes you just need to bring out your creativity to make new portraits of persons you like or admire. Here is one such creation of Mr. Abraham Lincoln by Molly B. Right. The artist has also made portrait of Dutch master Johannes Vermeer’s Girl as well as Billie Holliday, an iconic Jazz singer among others.

9. Bottle cap lamps

Bottle cap lamp

Luladot’s The Captivate light reuses plastic bottle tops as well as caps for ambient lighting. By making use of different colored bottle caps it enables users to change the color and pattern of the light. These lamps encourage plastic bottle recycling. These lamps come with approximately 50 caps, but you might need more to cover it. So instead of chucking out the caps into the landfill put them to some use.

10. Reindeer Masquerades

Reindeer Masquerades

This a very interesting DIY craft project that you can make on your own during holidays. Just take some idea from these KEAG masks made from recycled plastic and make your own design with your own creativity. These reindeer-like multi-colored crafts feature horns are made using unrecyclable bottle caps as well as snouts from the plastic jugs’ handles and bike seats.

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