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10 Creative bins designed to promote recycling

Bins to promote recycling

Our responsibility toward the environment does not end with dumping wastes into a bin. Think of the future please! What is the fate of these wastes? Are they being recycled and properly utilized? Being green not only stops us from littering the earth but also eggs us to clean the existing litter.

And to help us in this campaign we have some cool, contemporary dustbins.

1. e bin

e bin

Who would have ever thought that the words ‘mobile’, ‘electronic’, ‘touchscreen’ and ‘solar-powered’ would be used in a single sentence to describe a waste bin! London based designer Baharash Bagherian has made such a sentence possible with his unique e-bin. The bin advises the user whether the item being trashed is recyclable, whether the bin is full and the location of the next bin and informs the recycling company to come and empty it. Made of vacuum-formed carbon fiber it is durable, strong and lightweight. Moreover, it is tamper-protected by an administrator password and recharges its touchscreen via solar energy.

2. Ovetto recycling bin

Ovetto recycling bin

Waiting to hatch out on a large scale into the market is the recycling egg or Ovetto. Practicing what it preaches, the Ovetto is entirely made of recycled polypropylene. It is spacious with a 15-17 liter capacity and has different openings on the top to take in your waste. Clearing it is as easy as pulling out larger sections from below! The Ovetto has also been designed elegantly to add to the beauty of the surrounding landscape, making the $250 it costs into an intelligent investment.

3. i[do]recycle


“Start early, drive slowly, and reach safely” it is often said. To teach the vital importance of recycling and reducing waste at a young age itself, we have this cute little i[do]recycle bin which is targeted for kids. It comes with a design that your kid will simply love.

4. Neo recycle bin

Neo recycle bin

A next-gen trash that can instruct its users, Neo is definitely something that our generation needs. Designed by Ingrid Njono, Neo classifies garbage as electronic, trash, recyclable or compost-worthy instructs via color codes, simple icons, and sensors. The waste is sampled and categorized before the dumping. The turntable below ensures access to all chambers from all sides.

5. Eco bin

Eco bin

Adding to the list of decorative recycle bins is an Indian designer, Aditya Malaker, who is out to prove that green living is cool and interesting. Paper waste? Please use the yellow can. Organic waste goes into the green can while red calls for the recyclable waste. The primary colors along with the easily understood images atop each bin, seem to remind us of our primary duty to go green.

6. Ecomod


Homes can now witness the happy marriage between rubbish and smartness as the avant-garde yet ecofriendly Ecomod makes its royal entry! The ingenious design of this bin ensures that it separates paper, plastic, and aluminium and also crushes them via a twist-n-turn technique to ensure storage of voluminous garbage. So don’t let its sleek body fool you about its capacity to eat away the garbage – in a green manner.

7. Ribe


A compact, building block of a waste bin, the Ribe is special because it can be attached to one another to give a row of bins to hold more garbage. It economizes on space by separate allocations based on shape. Up to 400 cups and beakers can be piled in two slots and straws and sticks go into the third slot. Two large compartments between brightly colored wood frames complete this Victorian style bin. Measuring 50X36X85 cms, this sleek bin can add to the beauty of your home!

8. Braun Envi

Braun Envi

Designed by Industrial designers, the Braun Evi is an elegant and attractive modern compost pit! For use in parks, urban areas, and public places, the bin has in-built, bio-reactive substances, which photo-catalyze organic wastes into fertile compost. Apart from aiding the green drive, the bio-reactivity of the bin also ensures minimal stench and odors.

9. City Compost Bin

City Compost Bin

French designer, Mathieu Azema, is incubating the idea of enlisting the citizens’ force to turn cities green. The awesome looking C/N Compost Bin is still in concept stage but its working is very practical. “You cannot change people but use their manners in a positive way” seems to be the motto as people are expected to continue doing what they have always done – dump waste into a bin. The paid, city municipal attendant spins the bin based on the level of decomposition required. The resultant natural fertilizer scores over the petroleum and chemical based ones.

10. Mode All-in-One

Mode All-in-One

No!That is not a vault. But it does hold something precious and that is the ability to recycle waste! This bin has a mechanical compactor to crush cans and plastic bottles, a bypass lid to segregate glass, metal and other non-crushables and a paper bin to hold old newspapers and waste mail. Just key in the recycle day reminder and it does the rest! It is priced at $250.

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