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10 awesome sculptures made from everyday trash

optimus prime replica 2

One man’s trash is another’s treasure‎. Every now and then, we come across amazing works of art created from trash, which otherwise ends up filling the landfills and polluting our environment. Here we have 10 amazing life-sized trash sculptures.

• Trash-o-saurus sculpture

trash o saurus

The 12-foot-tall dinosaur sculpture by Leo Sewell weighs 2,000 pounds and shows the amount of garbage and recyclables discarded by an average Connecticut resident each year.

• WEEE Man

weee man nH9ly 69

Created by British Royal Society of Arts, the WEEE Man structure made from electronic waste weighs exactly 3.3 tons and stands at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

• Bettye Hamblen Turner’s Bull Sculpture

recycled bull 1

Eco-artist and sculptor Bettye Hamblen Turner has made use of trashed stainless steel, carbon steel and recycled auto and motorcycle parts to craft a stunning sculpture known as Paladin.

• Life-size whale shark

whale shark sculpture

This life-size sculpture of a whale shark, the world’s largest fish, has been made from some 200 bags of ocean debris, including over 7000 discarded flip-flops.

• Rapid Re(f)use

rapid refuse1

Rapid Re(f)use is one huge monument of trash. Under the project, garbage produced by New York City in one hour on a typical day will be transformed into a stunning monument.

• Forevertron

forevertron 1

Standing at 120 feet wide, 60 feet deep, 50-foot tall, and weighing 320 ton, the ‘Forevertron‘ is billed as the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture.

• Optimus Prime replica

optimus prime replica 1

A Taiwanese DIYer created this 14-foot replica of Optimus Prime from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen from nothing more than junk.

• Roadrunner


This huge roadrunner was made entirely out of trash. The roadrunner is approximately 40 feet long and 21 feet tall.

• Kitchen Skull

kitchen skull

Indian artist Subodh Gupta assembled a load of old kitchen utensils to make this giant skull. It was shown at the Frieze art fair in London.

• Tyrerannosaurus sculpture

zoo tyreannosaurus 674763n

London Zoo hosted an exhibition of sculptures made from everyday waste and scrap back in 2008. Pictured above is Chris Pilmore’s ‘Tyrerannosaurus‘ sculpture made from car tyres found in hedges.

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