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10 awesome creations made from egg cartons

Egg cartons

Eggs, as we all know, are very delicate food item and utmost care has to be taken while delivering them from one place to another. This is what motivated Joseph Coyle to invent egg cartons in 1911, as a result to resolve a major dispute between the owner of a hotel and a farmer. Since eggs are the most favorite and highly consumed food across the world, it is no wonder that egg cartons are produced in huge bulk.

Egg cartons, which look like trays, come in handy to hold the eggs properly and protect them from breaking during transportation. An important fact to note is that they are made from a variety of materials which can be recycled. These are clear plastic, molded pulp, recycled paper, and even Styrofoam. All of them have been blessed with reusable properties. With times, the egg cartons have gained more popularity, not just for holding eggs, but for creating unique designs for various purposes. Surprised? Many people with creative minds have reused egg cartons and have been given a vivid life to them once again. Given below are some of the designs to prove the creativity of these people.

1. Auto-Cannibalistic Table

Auto-Cannibalistic Table

Have you seen a table that eats itself? Yes, you read it right! Auto-Cannibalistic Table, a creation by Atema Architecture, dissolves when water is poured over it. The recycled piece of furniture has been crafted from egg cartons, soil, flour paste, and seeds. Adding water results in seed germination. Unfortunately this table has a short life span. Once watered, it gets dissolved and can never regain its original structure.

2. Trash Me lamps

Trash Me Lamp

Trash Me Lamps have been crafted using four egg cartons. Though, it gives a rustic appearance, it stands unique as it comes draped with eco-friendly qualities. It is the mastermind of Victor Vetterlein, who has given trash a new life with his genuine efforts. Victor mixed water with these egg trays, and then the mixture was dispensed in a mold. It gains the desired shape after drying, which may take several days. All the parts are secured with the help of aluminum screws.

3. The Original Dream

The Original Dream

Houses, which we use as decorative piece, are made up with different materials like wood, bricks, or paper. But has anyone thought of a beautiful house with egg carton? Goldenhen, from Australia, thought of making one like that. He calls his creation The Original Dream. This dream-like home has been crafted using hundreds of recycled egg cartons. They were placed one upon the other just like Lego blocks. Goldenhen was inspired from a famous painting by Howard Arkley named ‘Family Home: Suburban Exterior 1993’. Goldenhen gave the egg cartons a colorful appearance, and the house looks quite impressive.

4. Egg Carton Pendant Light

Pendant Light

Whenever we want to bring glow and beautiful lighting, we use pendant lights. These lights ornament the area with utmost grace. These pendant lights are now used with egg cartons as well, which makes the whole area filled with extraordinary beauty and charm. This is called Egg Carton Pendant Light. It gives us a chance to decorate a space with recyclable properties, which is worth a mention.

5. Eggcubism

Eggcubism paintings

For some, an egg carton can be merely a waste product, but for people like Enno de Kroon it is a canvas that gives birth to amazing art forms. The Dutch artist swaps them into Eggcubism making a good use of the asymmetric shape of such trays. The 48-year old artist leaves onlookers awe-struck with such breathtaking art.

6. Green Diver

Green Diver

This green diver shaped construction or green hanging structure is made with egg cartons. It has been named Not Montenegro, but Dubrovnik. It has been put on show in Dubrovnik.

7. Volkswagen Truck

Volkswagen Truck

This Volkswagen Truck was designed as part of a commercial by an advertisement agency named Almap/bbdo. The agency made an ingenious use of egg trays, which became an instant hit after its release in June 2008.

8. Egg Carton Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Boards are used to display important information. You can make one, the eco-friendly way, by making good use of egg cartons. Cut off the edges and leave the dimple portions intact. A few trays come with a flap that is used to cover it. Leave the flap as it is on one tray, while cut it off for the other two. Bring the parts together with the help of a tape and keep the flap part on the outside. Take a ribbon and pass it through two holes, which will be used to hang the bulletin board on the wall. Your egg carton bulletin board is ready.

9. Egg cartons soundproofing

Cartons soundproofing

If you are dying to create a soundproof room, but step back seeing the cost involved then read ahead. Egg cartons can prove to be a cheap but highly effective method of soundproof. Though it may not give the best results but then something is better than nothing. These egg soundproofing trays will cut noise and keep people at peace.

10. Egg cartons objects and toys

Objects and toys

Kids share a deep relationship with toys. Anna Zaborski has brought salvaged egg crates into use, and converted them into colorful toys and amazing sculptors. Her egg carton toys are a great way of introducing small kids to the world of recycling.

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