Scate Sconce, MFEO

Skateboards recycled into amazing pieces of art

Specially framed from 7 plys of Maplewood wood and coated with polyurethane, these once plain sports equipments are no longer ...

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Bhutan attains huge environmental benchmark

Bhutan attains huge environmental benchmark – Declared carbon negative

Bhutan is a small nation nested in the Himalayas between India and China. With a populace of a mere 750,000 ...

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The beauty of Wikkelhouse

Explore Modern tiny homes complete with all the contemporary amenities

The concept of tiny homes is becoming popular and rightly so. It has loads of advantages. It helps you build ...

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New homes coming right up

New homes coming right up your alley in eco-advantage

When we think of buying a house there are two options that come to us. One is buying a brand ...

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Solar farms  (1)

Solar farms have a pleasant by-effect of increased biodiversity

According to studies conducted on 11 solar farms in UK, researchers have found that solar-powered farms are great for increasing ...

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Waste to fuel with Sanivation

Eco-friendly toilets and sanitation can have a huge impact on the world

While technology is evolving in each aspect by leaps and bounds, most developing countries still tackle the issue of sanitation ...

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Orca velomobile

Enjoy a greener commute in cities with pedal powered cars

With more emphasis being placed on green modes of transportation with each passing day, many individuals as well as companies ...

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Aerofarms (2)

Futuristic urban farms bring agriculture to the metropolis

There is this growing trend of think global and eat local. Many people prefer having local stuff. Local food will ...

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Innovative wind turbine concepts for large as well as small green home projects

According to experts, big wing is making a big comeback with several industries turning to wind power for their energy ...

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Make your flashlight work on water: DIY water-powered flashlight!

Conserve energy, disregard the use of batteries and battery operated machinery and opt towards change. Now you can start at ...

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Innovative concepts employing Kinetic energy for indoor and outdoor lighting

The potential uses of kinetic energy have been under discussion for quite some time now. One area where kinetic energy ...

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Kinetic Energy Lamps

5 Incredible ways to harness kinetic energy to generate power

For years now, we have been on the forefront of discovering different ways to harness alternate, renewable sources of energy ...

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